Simple Dietary Swaps for Your Health

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 Given the variety of available foods accessible to us these days, unawares, we may not be getting the best in terms of nutrient contents. With the rampancy of junk foods or other similarly empty-calorie foods, who is not guilty of this fact at some point in their lives. Apart from being unaware, one of the reasons why some people are enticed with these foods is due to the labels. Not to mention the popularity of such products themselves based on their commercials.

However, gone are the days by which people are complacent on what they eat. Due to the problems attributed to unhealthy eating, people are awakened to the necessity of healthful foods. The following are the top simple dietary swaps for your health you can practice:

  1. From junk foods to healthier snacks

Doughnuts, pizzas, burgers, and hamburgers have become very popular as foods these past few decades. But they are so, not without their attributed health issues. Instead of opting for “junk foods” as snacks, why not go for healthier alternatives such as fruits.

  1. Ditch the salt, use fresh or dried herbs and spices instead

Sodium is an essential part for the normal functioning of our bodies and salt has this plenty. However, too much sodium can also cause problems especially with an existing health condition where sodium has relevance. If this is the case, you can always just use other spice alternatives without the sodium content such as cinnamon, ginger, garlic, etc.

  1. Opt for whole grains than refined ones
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Unlike refined grains, whole grains do not undergo the milling process thereby retaining its full nutrients which are otherwise lessened, some lost. For this reason, whole grains are regarded as the healthiest of grains. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans even recommends eating more of it everyday.

  1. Cold-water fish over red meat

Red meat is a good source of iron and protein but its high percentage of saturated fats makes it an unhealthy food choice. Studies even attribute obesity with it as part of the diet. Instead of red meat, opt for fish meats instead such as tuna, mackerel, sardines, etc. These fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids that are deemed beneficial to our body when taken.

  1. Swap Mayonnaise with Avocado

Most commercial mayonnaise are said to contain unhealthy fats and calories that are often attributed to obesity, heart issues, and other diseases. Eating avocados, instead of mayonnaise, however, is attributed to being healthy for its nutrients. Overall, it contains more than 25 essential nutrients, all of which, contributes to health.

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