Shampoo Chemicals that are Bad for the Health

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Shampoo Chemicals that are Bad for the HealthIf you consider your hair to be your crowning glory, be wary of what you apply on it. Many of the products that guarantee to make your tresses clean, soft and shiny can actually make you less appealing.

Did you know that a lot of shampoos these days contain ingredients that are scientifically proven to leave a dent on your appearance and even health? Step foot in the shower, reach for the bottle of shampoo, and focus your attention on the list of ingredients. Can you spot a lot of words that you find extremely challenging to pronounce? It’s a sign that you should switch to a different brand pronto!

Read on to know some of the ingredients that you should look for when buying a shampoo. As soon as you spot one or more of them on the label, put the bottle back on the shelf and look for a different product.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Known as SLS for short, this chemical is added to shampoos to make them foam. Experts say that SLS can leave your scalp irritated most especially if you have sensitive skin. Naturally, hair damage is not unlikely to happen if you have red, inflamed and itchy scalp. Also, SLS is known to cause unnecessary breakdown of protein, something your hair is made of.

Polyethelyne Glycol

Stay away from any shampoo that says it has polyethelyne glycol or PEG. That’s because this staple ingredient of so many shampoos these days can rob your hair of its moisture, causing dryness and brittleness of the strands in the long run. PEG is commonly added to shampoos to give them a very rich consistency.


Also known as DEA, this chemical found in most shampoos works as an emulsifier to produce bubbles or foam. DEA may also be found in soaps and other cleansing agents that foam. What’s so bad about this common shampoo ingredient is it may cause scalp irritation. Experts say that DEA may also leave your hair dry and lifeless.

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Most cosmetic products on the current market contain parabens. These compounds are very cheap preservatives that help extend the shelf life of shampoos and the likes. Aside from causing scalp irritation, parabens may also cause hormonal imbalance within you once they’re absorbed by your skin.

Propylene Glycol

The reason why so many shampoo manufacturers add propylene glycol to their goods is to keep them from freezing when exposed to low temperatures. If the chemical’s name sounds familiar, that’s because it is the star ingredient of your car’s antifreeze. Propylene glycol can cause allergy as well as alter the skin’s structure, say the experts.

Synthetic Fragrance

Sometimes listed on the label as parfum, synthetic fragrance in shampoos is packed with thousands of chemicals, all of which can wreak havoc to your tresses. A lot of them are known to cause scalp irritation. Who needs great smelling hair when your scalp is the one suffering because of it?


This man-made chemical is added to a lot of shampoos. Dimethicone helps lock in moisture and smoothen the strands by coating them. Some people who are sensitive to this common shampoo ingredient reported of chapped skin and itchy scalp. Others also developed cystic acne due to the chemical clogging up the pores.

There are so many other ingredients in today’s shampoos that can have a negative impact on your appearance and health. Your best bet is to opt for a product that contains all-natural and organic ingredients.

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