Research Says That Standing Two Hours a Day is Good for Your Health

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A new study has revealed that standing for at least 2 hours per day at work is important to remain healthy and fit. Standing help prevent your body from several health risks that includes diabetes, obesity, various lifestyle diseases and hypertension.

Individuals who sit for long hours at work are at higher risk of developing life threatening health conditions. So remember that being physically active is very important.

Research Says That Standing Two Hours a Day is Good for Your Health


The study suggests that eventually the daily standing time should be increased to at least 3-4 hours per day. This is to reduce the prolonged hours of sitting.

To make this work efficiently, offices should have at least a sit-stand desk. Workers can just sit and stand to work whenever they want, without affecting their productivity.

When people are in their offices, they spend at least 70-80% of their working hours sitting on their chairs. 60% of that time is prolonged periods of sustained sitting, which can lead to several lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

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The management of offices should encourage their employees to work on sit and stand desks, so they can move more frequently during their working hours. Compared to allotting time for exercise after office hours, this could be more achievable.

Light moving activity, like walking around the office and standing for 2 hours are good for the health. This is beneficial especially for those who do not perform any physical activity all through the day.

The research also suggests that light stretching in at least 30-40 minutes of sitting period and changing your posture, could help reduce fatigue muscle pain and back pain. This could be achieve easily by standing for 2-3 hours, while working on a standing desk.

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Companies these days are investing money in creating an active working environment for their employees. This help the employees improve their productivity by keeping them fit and healthy.

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