Relieve Asthma Attack with This Juice

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Asthma is as a respiratory problem which causes extreme difficulty in breathing, due to a mucous accumulation in the bronchial tubes. It is an autoimmune disease that may cause inflammation of the lungs. It can also cause weakness and shortness of breath.

Individuals with asthma use a medical device known as an inhaler. But this can cause potentially harmful side effects, due to the chemicals that it contains, including that of steroids. Interestingly, some individuals have managed to cure asthma attacks by reducing the use of inhalers.

A much better alternative would be to consume a healthy diet and try to relieve asthma attack in a natural way. You just need to know which foods are allowed and which to avoid.

Relieve Asthma Attack with This Juice
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Health Benefits of Carrots:

The most essential nutrient that is needed for good lung health, is beta carotene and vitamin C. You can make carrot juice every day.

Carrot juice is loaded with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps prevent infections and can greatly improve lung capacity. Carrots is one of the best food that can naturally increase Vitamin C in the body.

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Carrot Juice for Asthma


8 pieces carrots (10 oz. carrot juice)
2-3 cups spinach leaves (6 oz. spinach juice)

1. Extract the spinach and carrot juice, using a power juicer.
2. Consume within 15 minutes after the juice extraction.

Drink 2-3 times per day, especially when asthma attacks are frequent.

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