Relieve a Cold Fast by Rubbing This Oil On Your Neck

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Catching a cold can be a pain and it happens to all of us. That constant sneezing, a runny nose and watery eyes that we are all familiar with. Over-the-counter medications can help relieve your symptoms, but there is an essential oil that works even faster and better.

Relieve a Cold Fast by Rubbing This Oil On Your Neck
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Frankincense as a Natural Cold Remedy

A cough often comes along with a common cold. If your cough is not subsiding, you can gargle using several drops of frankincense oil and a mixture of water. This can help eliminate phlegm in the lungs, therefore helping to clear your airway and make breathing easier.

Also, it acts as an anti-inflammatory in the nasal passages, making breathing easier, even for those with asthma or allergies. Also, you can massage the oil on your neck for added relief. Add a few drops to a cloth and inhale for the respiratory benefits or use an oil diffuser.

How Frankincense Oil Works?

You can get the benefits of frankincense oil by applying it topically, inhaling it using a vaporizer or diffuser or ingesting it in very small amounts.

To relieve pain, just massage the oil into the affected areas. While, using an inhaler or diffuser is effective for the treatment of colds and clearing up respiratory blockages. You can also add a few drops on a clean cloth and inhale the scent or you can add it to your bathwater for that rejuvenating soak.

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Frankincense oil can be applied directly to your skin or blended with other carrier oils, including avocado, basil oils, citrus, clary sage, sweet almond, jojoba, rosemary and patchouli.

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Is Frankincense Oil Safe for Use?

Frankincense oil is generally safe to use and have no known adverse side effects. But, it is advisable to do a spot test first, to check for any sensitivity to this oil.

When taking this oil internally, it is best to dilute a drop in an edible carrier oil, such as coconut oil, or a glass of purified water, a teaspoon of honey or any non-dairy, non-acidic beverage. Also, you can put a drop or two under your tongue.

Also, ingesting this oil is not recommended for children whose age range is 6 and below. Teens and older children may also require higher dilutions.

Remember that not all frankincense oil brands can be use internally. Make sure to check the label before taking it.

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