4 Reasons You Should Never Drink Cold Water

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Drinking cold water, most especially in summer, can help you beat the summer heat. But have you ever thought about how it might be harming your body?

You probably know how warm water opens your pores and makes your skin feel looser. While cold water on the other hand, closes your pores and constricts your skin.

But guess what? Drinking cold water does the exact same thing to your digestive tract.

Below are a few reasons to consider skipping the ice in your drinks:

4 Reasons You Should Never Drink Cold Water
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1. Affects Your Digestion Process

Drinking cold or ice water hampers the process of digesting food, as this causes your blood vessels to shrink. This can also slow down the process of digestion. As the food is not digested properly, the nutrients are not absorbed by the body.

2. Cold Water Weakens Your Immune System

Drinking cold water after your meal creates excess mucus in your body. This can lead to a decrease in immune system function, making it easier to catch illnesses and colds. Although its effect is minimal, to a person with a weak constitution, drinking cold water could prove problematic.

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3. Can Worsen Existing Health Conditions

Cold water can worsen asthma symptoms in children, that is according to a research by the Eurpean Society of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology.

Another research found that 7.6% of participants experienced a headache after drinking a glass of ice water. Also, the numbers only go up when you factor in whether or not a participant had a history of migraine.

4. May Cause a Sore Throat

Drinking cold water, increases your chances of getting a sore throat. Cold water can cause the buildup of respiratory mucosa, a protective layer of the respiratory tract.

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When this layer gets congested, the respiratory tract becomes vulnerable to various infections and thus the chances of your throat turning sore are high.

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