Reasons Why Owning a Cat is a Paw-sitive Thing

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When you bring home a cat, you’re not only giving yourself an adorable furry companion — you are also doing your mind and body a huge favor. So many experts agree that owning a cat can be very advantageous. Read on to know the various reasons why having a feline friend at home can be a very smart move on your part.

A Cat Helps Strengthen the Immune System

Other than having a healthy diet and lifestyle, there is another scientifically-proven way to make your immune system a lot stronger: laughter. A cat showing its playful side in all sorts of endearing ways can leave you LOL-ing like no other. The more you laugh, the stronger your immune system gets and the less likely for you to get an illness or infection.


Having a Feline Friend Can be Good Especially If You Have a Baby

According to some, it’s a good idea to have a cat when you have a newborn in the house. Exposing your little one to your furry pal at an early age helps in stimulating his or her developing immunity, thus saving your child from the likelihood of developing allergies. Your baby will surely thank you for being a cat lover when he or she grows older.

Owning a Cat May Lower High Blood Pressure

If you have hypertension or high blood pressure, it is a wonderful idea to get a cat. The simple act of stroking your furry pal, according to studies, can help in lowering the blood pressure by calming you and making you happy. Your risk of suffering from heart disease can be considerably reduced if you keep high blood pressure in check.

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Going Home to a Cat is a Wonderful Way to Deal with Stress

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There are many things that you may do to effectively manage stress at the end of a tiring day. One of the most rewarding of them all is having a cat at home. A cat is adorable, loving and playful, instantly making your stress go away the minute it shows off its personality. Also, tending to a cat’s needs helps in keeping your mind off anything that stresses you.

A Cat Helps in Lowering Your Anxiety Levels

You should try owning a cat if you feel like you tend to worry about anything and everything most of the time. Usually, the sight of an endearing feline friend alone is enough to save you from focusing on things that make you feel anxious. The moment your cat snuggles up next to you, its unconditional love will kiss away all of your worries and fears.

Having a Furry Pal at Home May Help You Combat Depression

Interacting with a pal — especially one that’s so adorable — can help improve your mood and keep depression at bay. Owning a cat most especially if you are living on your own saves you from feeling alone. A feline pet may not directly cure depression, but having it around can certainly make you become a happier person.

A Cat Helps Keep the Heart in Excellent Condition

Because owning a cat makes you feel happy, relieves stress and lowers high blood pressure, your heart can benefit a lot from it. In fact, a University of Minnesota study found out that people who owned cats had 40% lowered risk of having a heart attack than those who didn’t have cats at home.

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