Reasons to Consume Prunes and Prune Juice

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Reasons to Consume Prunes and Prune JuicePrunes and prune juice are available at your favorite supermarket all year round. This is excellent news because, at any given time or day, you may take advantage of the numerous health benefits they bring.

Also known as dried plums, prunes may be eaten as they are or added to appetizers, salads and desserts to make them even more irresistible. Don’t let their black and wrinkled appearance fool you because prunes are really sweet, resembling the texture of raisins. Prune juice has its own charm, able to quench thirst and tickle the taste buds all at once.

Continue reading to know some of the phenomenal health benefits that prunes and prune juice can offer!

Prunes and Prune Juice Treat Constipation

Having a bout of constipation? Munch on some prunes or drink prune juice before hitting the sack and you can bid the problem goodbye the following day. Prunes and prune juice work as natural laxatives, thanks to their sorbitol content. Sorbitol is a sweet-tasting substance found in some fruits, and it helps in moving the bowels.

Consuming Them Helps Regulate the Heart Rhythm and Blood Pressure

If often you find yourself having a bout of palpitations or high blood pressure, it’s a good idea to consider including prunes and prune juice in your diet. They contain good amounts of potassium, a mineral that helps regulate the rhythm of the heart as well as keeps high blood pressure in check.

They Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Because they are loaded with fiber, the consumption of prunes and prune juice may help prevent heart disease from striking. That’s because fiber helps in unclogging the arteries, thus lowering your risk of high blood pressure that may lead to heart disease as well as heart attack and stroke.

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Prunes and Prune Juice Help Ward Off Anemia

The inclusion of iron-rich foods in the diet is recommended to help prevent anemia, in particular the kind that’s brought about by deficiency in iron. The said mineral helps promote the development of red blood cells. Because prunes and prune juice are excellent sources of iron, their consumption can help prevent iron-deficiency anemia.

Eating Them Can Help You Drop Those Unwanted Pounds

Since prunes are packed with fiber, munching on them can help save you from overeating — a definite weight loss saboteur! Add prunes to your salads to enjoy a high fiber and nutritious meal that helps promote weight reduction. Do limit your intake of prune juice as a cup of this sweet-tasting beverage packs 175 calories!

Including Them in the Diet May Help Slow Down Aging

Thanks to the antioxidants in prunes and prune juice, you may have the cells of your body protected from being damaged by excessive free radicals. Experts associate free radical damage with a lot of problems, and an accelerated aging process is one of them. By having prunes and prune juice more often, it can be easier to stay looking young and healthy.

Prunes and Prune Juice are Good Sources of Vitamins A and K

Enjoying healthier eyes and sharper vision is made possible by vitamin A, a nutrient you can find abundantly in prunes and prune juice. Vitamin A also helps promote beautiful skin. Another nutrient found in prunes and prune juice is vitamin K, something necessary for proper blood coagulation and healthy bones.

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