Probable Reasons Why You Easily Get Bruised

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Do you feel you end up bruised more often than your friends? Before you go into panic mode, continue reading. The following are some of the reasons why you bruise quite easily:

The Aging Process

As you age, getting bruised a lot is perfectly normal. That’s because the skin tends to get thinner as the production of collagen, a structural protein that makes your skin soft and supple, wanes as the years pass by. Also, the protective layer of fat beneath your skin tends to diminish, thus making your blood vessels more susceptible to injuries.

Excessive Exposure to the Sun’s UV Rays

It’s no secret that getting more UV rays than necessary can damage your skin, causing you to develop aging signs (liver spots, fine lines and wrinkles) prematurely. Did you know that too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays can also damage the supporting structures of your blood vessels? With these structures left in a wreck, bruising tends to be very common.

Intake of Certain Medications

Certain medications, OTC and prescription alike, may cause your skin to bruise more often. Some of these medications are blood thinners as they tend to keep the blood from clotting, thus causing you to bleed more and develop bruises easily. Aspirin is another common medication that may cause frequent bruising.

You are Pumping Iron

Lifting weights can actually leave your skin bruised. That’s because all the straining may cause some of the smaller and weaker blood vessels you have to end up ruptured, causing some bleeding under your skin. The next time you pump iron at the gym, don’t be surprised if you notice a couple of bruises after.

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Lack of Vitamin C in the Diet

You might want to consider loading up on citrus fruits, kiwis, papayas, guavas, berries and dark green leafy vegetables if it seems like you’re getting bruises all of the time. A diet that’s lacking in vitamin C may actually be the culprit behind the problem. The said nutrient is important for healthy skin and proper collagen formation.

You are Suffering From a Certain Disorder

There are a few health problems that may cause bruises to form very easily. Some of them include leukemia and hemophilia wherein the blood has a hard time clotting. A disease called purpuric dermatosis may also be the culprit. Some people with diabetes may mistake the discoloration of certain skin areas for bruises, but they’re actually due to insulin resistance.

Some Family Members Bruise Easily Too

It is possible that you have inherited the problem from your parents. According to the experts, it is possible for you to become heir to certain genes that can make you bruise really easily. So before you fret, check if bruising is commonly encountered by some of your relatives and they simply shrug it off.

Your Complexion is Really Pale

Naturally, having pale skin tone makes those bruises easily noticeable. Someone with a darker complexion may also be getting the same number of bruises each time, but those discolorations may not be that apparent due to the fact that higher amounts of melanin, a dark pigment, are present in their skin.

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