Prevent Muscle Loss by Consuming These Two Fruits Everyday

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Muscle loss also known as muscular atrophy is when muscles waste away. The main reason for muscle wasting is lack of physical activity. This happens when an injury or disease makes it impossible for you to move a leg or arm. Also you may have muscle loss if one of your limbs appear smaller than the other.

But recent research have shown that two compounds have uncovered a biological “trigger” for muscle loss, and two compounds that can stop that “trigger” from being pulled.

This means that people who are vulnerable to muscle loss, like the elderly, can now prevent muscular weakness from setting in and may even be able to reverse prior muscular atrophy, just by eating these two foods.

Prevent Muscle Loss by Consuming These Two Fruits Everyday

Age and Muscle Connection

When your body age, it becomes prone to muscular weakening. Though this is a natural part of the aging process, it can leave people more susceptible to serious injuries, such as broken bones because of falling.

As per WebMD, muscles continue to grow stronger and larger until the of age 30. People can lose as much as 3-5% of their muscle mass every 10 years after their 30th birthday. But after the age of 75, atrophy tends increase.

This weakening of muscles can make life more difficult and less enjoyable when we reach our senior years, as the loss of strength, agility and stamina can prevent us from doing things like gardening or hiking—even just walking can become a perilous task when muscle weakness is present.

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Although muscular atrophy as we get older is natural, a new study has shown that it is not at all necessary. In fact, one simple dietary change can stop muscle loss from occurring or keep it from worsening if it is already in progress.

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Apple and Green Tomatoes Can Prevent Muscle Loss

These two common fruits can help stop and even reverse muscle loss, they are apples and green tomatoes.

Eating these two fruits daily, can keep the muscles healthy and strong, regardless of your age.


A study conducted by the researchers from the University of Iowa found that two compounds have an inhibiting effect on ATF4, which is the genetic transcription factor responsible for age-related muscular weakening; these are the peel of an apple which contains ursolic acid and tomatidine in green tomatoes.

The findings could lead to new therapies for age-related atrophy and muscle weakness. The researchers found that two months after having tomatidine and ursolic acid added to their diet, the subjects showed significant increases in muscular strength and muscle mass, with mass increasing by 10% and strength increasing by at least 30%.

The research, however was not done on humans yet. But clinical trials are set to continue on humans, which could lead to the availability of new supplements in the market soon.

But you can also get the same benefits from eating these two fresh fruits.

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