Negative Effects of Social Drinking

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Negative Effects of Social DrinkingEveryone knows that drinking alcohol can affect one’s health such as cirrhosis of the liver, hypertension, and the like not to mention enduring a massive headache as one of the symptoms of a hangover. But did you know that there are more unhealthy side effects to social drinking? When you drink alcohol, the toxins remain in your body for more than a week so if you’re feeling a bit sluggish or out of sorts, it is possible that there are still toxins that are still in effect.

What other negative effects can you get from social drinking?

  1. Fertility Issues. This affects men in particular as their ability to perform during intercourse is inhibited not to mention lower their testosterone levels. Too much alcohol can also affect the quality and quantity of sperm. Recent studies show that women who regularly drink alcohol also feel the same effects as that in men where they experience fertility problems.
  2. Heart Arrhythmia. Drinking too much when you go out can trigger irregularities in your heartbeat especially when you are not a regular drinker. According to Dr. David Gruener, an award-winning cardiovascular surgeon from New York City, the heart has its own internal pacemaker that dictates the natural beating of the heart but when alcohol is introduced into the system, this causes interruption in the pacemaker causing irregular heartbeat.
  3. Eye Twitch. Another possible side effects of social drinking is the twitching of the eye. Although this is not as dangerous as other types of health issues, it can still be annoying. The good news is that it will eventually go away when you correct your behavior.
  4. Fatty Liver. Women are more likely to develop fatty liver than men because of their body’s composition. As the name suggests, fatty liver occurs when there is more than 5% fat found in the liver. This symptom is common in those who drink often but without exhibiting many symptoms except for being tired.
  5. Candida Overgrowth. Too much alcohol consumption can cause candida growth to go into overdrive making you crave for carbohydrates and sugar in the process. When this happens, you can experience cravings, puffiness, and even bloating.
  6. Arthritis. Drinking alcohol can cause inflammation in the body which is why it is best for those with arthritis to avoid imbibing alcohol as much as possible because it can trigger their arthritis. However, the amount of joint pain felt tends to vary depending on how severe your arthritis and tolerance to alcohol. Doctors still recommend their patients to limit their alcohol intake to prevent flare ups.
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These are just a few examples of what drinking alcohol can do to you long term. Limiting yourself to one glass if you are a female and two glasses if you are a male can help stop these troublesome issues from arising. Keep in mind that drinking too much alcohol can have long term effects in your body so it is best that you watch your consumption especially when you go out at night.

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