Music Can Help Reduce Pain After Surgery

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It is a fact that listening to your favorite music, can help improve one’s mood. But a new study have revealed that music can also reduce pain and help in the recovery process after surgery.

Music Can Help Reduce Pain After Surgery


The research was conducted by a team from several institutions that include Brunel University, Queen Mary University of London and BartsHealth NHS Trust. It involved an examination of 72 randomized trials about the impact of music on pain.

Researchers found that listening to music was associated with reduction in postoperative pain, reduced use of painkillers and lower anxiety.

The participants who listened to music took fewer painkillers and felt better than people who did not listen to music.


Music can put us in a better mood and when we are in a better mood, the brain releases hormones and neuro-chemicals that stimulate immune function.

The research also showed a reduce in the use of pain medications and slightly greater reduction in pain, when patients were able to select their own music.

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The important factor is in finding the music that a patient really likes. Otherwise, the benefits may not be the same.

This is considered to be a part of the menu of options available to doctors and patients for a faster recovery. The vital factor is there is no particular piece of music that everyone likes. Therefore, when choosing a music in the post-operative situation, you need to find the music that is right for you.

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