Moisturize Your Skin Naturally with Goat Milk Lotion

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Taking good care of your skin is really important. You must have heard a lot about being aware of the food you eat, but often forget that everything you put on your skin enters the body as well.

Making your own skincare products is the easiest possible way to make sure you are using safe and natural ingredients.

The lotion recipe below is a great way to moisturize your skin with goat milk.

Moisturize Your Skin Naturally with Goat Milk Lotion

Goat Milk Lotion


3 tablespoons sweet almond oil
3 tablespoons palm oil
2 tablespoons pumpkin seed oil
1 1/2 tablespoons beeswax pearls
1 tablespoon apricot oil
1 cup fresh goat’s milk or canned organic goat’s milk
4 to 6 drops essential oil (optional)

1. Add palm oil and beeswax pearls in a saucepan. Use low heat and slowly melt the oil and beeswax.
2. Remove from the heat and add pumpkin seed oil and apricot oil.
3. Add 4-6 drops of essential oil, if desired. You can try geranium, lavender, jasmine, bergamot or rose oil.
4. Add 1 cup of goat’s milk slowly into the oil mixture as you blend it with a stick blender. You can also use a blender to do this, until the lotion is thick and creamy.
5. Place the goat’s milk hand lotion in an airtight container.
6. Store the container in the refrigerator and use the lotion within two weeks.

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