Make a Switch to a Holistic Biological Dentist to Avoid Painful Root Canal Surgery

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Make a Switch to a Holistic Biological Dentist to Avoid Painful Root Canal SurgeryMany people are now making the switch to seeking healthcare services from holistic healthcare providers; from integrated gynecologists, primary care providers, and even to holistic biological dentists.

Holistic health care may sound unconventional, but seeing one is a nice way to make sure your health and wellness are well taken cared of.

What is the difference between a traditional dentist and a holistic biological dentist?

Traditional dental providers only fix what is already broken without regard to the causes of the dental issues in the first place. Holistic biological dentists on the other hand believe that the mouth should not be regarded independent from the rest of the body. It is a crucial component and an important part of the whole. With this in mind, it should never be treated separately, but rather be treated as an integral part of the human body altogether.

A biological dentist takes into consideration a patient’s entire sense of physical and emotional health to effectively identify the root cause of the problem.

In addition, biological dentists also recognize the fact the mouth has a massive impact on the entire body. With this in mind, holistic biological dentists make use of breakthrough techniques to get not only the mouth but the entire body to their optimal working condition.

What is wrong with traditional form of dentistry?

  • Fluoride Use

Traditional dentists utilize fluoride in procedures and prescribe them in topical and oral forms. They believe that fluoridating the water supply is healthy and even recommend fluoride drops fro infants.

Holistic biological dentists on the other hand argue against the use of fluoride in that they believe this ingredient can cause cancer, interrupt normal hormone prudtion, and create bone issues too. Instead of fluoride, the use biocompatible substances that are specially formulated fro the mouth instead.

  • Mercury Fillings
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More and more dentists are becoming aware of the health dangers of mercury toxicity as a result of mercury amalgam fillings, they still promote its use due to its longevity quality. In addition, patients agree to its use due to the fact that it is usually covered by insurance Lastly, mercury amalgam fillings are easier for the dentists to install when compared alongside composite fillings.

A holistic biological dentist on the other hand is aware that mercury is a dangerous toxin and even in small amounts can negatively impact overall health. Biological dentists are also well aware of conditions resulting in mercury toxicity including autoimmune disorders, hormonal problems, and chronic fatigue to name a few.

  • Root Canal Therapy

Traditional dentists will recommend root canal therapy as an effective means to save a tooth that may have suffered from severe decay and may soon die completely. On the other hand, holistic biological dentists will do everything that can to avoid root canal therapy. This is because studies have concluded that root canal therapy is ineffective unless the canal is 100% guaranteed sterile and without bacteria. In addition, studies reveal that it is impossible for the canal to be completely sterilized altogether. Moreover, chemicals used for sterilization are highly toxic in nature. The bacteria left in the canal may also lead to the development of serious conditions such as heart disease and breast cancer to name a few.



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