Let’s Spill Out the Health Benefits of Beans

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There are plenty of reasons to include beans into your diet. From providing a boost in fiber, to lowering your cholesterol levels and much more. You also have many varieties to choose from — kidney beans, black beans, navy beans, etc. It’s a pity if you miss out on all that healthy benefits this legume has to offer.

Read on to find out the reasons on why they’re so good for your health.

Prevent heart disease

It has been noted in studies that individuals who consume more legumes have a lower risk of heart disease. This is because of the phytochemicals present in beans, which help protect against heart disease.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Green beans contain a wide and impressive list of antioxidant plant pigments known as flavonoids, this includes quercetin and kaempferol. A study conducted in the Deakin University in Australia, showed a synergistic effect between these two compounds, in reducing the growth of cancer cells.

Can lower cholesterol

Beans contain soluble fiber, that helps a lot in controlling blood cholesterol levels. Aside from this, beans also contain phytosterols and saponins, which also help lower cholesterol. Researches showed that approximately 10 grams of soluble fiber per day, the amount equivalent to 1/2 – 1 1/2 cups of navy beans, reduces LDL cholesterol by about 10%.

Improve bone density

Green beans contain silicon, a trace mineral which research has linked to bone mineral density in men and women who are pre-menopausal. Studies also showed the silicon in green beans were more easily absorbed by the body, compared to that found in other vegetables, making it readily and easily available for bone building.

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Weight loss

Fiber helps the body feel full, so you don’t need have to eat as much for the rest of the day. This is because the rich fiber content fills your stomach, causing a slower rise in blood sugar. Thus, this results to a steady supply of energy and hold off hunger longer.

Manage diabetes

Beans are considered to be a super-food for diabetes’ patients. This is due to the balance of protein and complex carbohydrates, that provides a slow, and steady source of glucose.

Good for digestion

Beans help to keep the digestive system running smoothly because it contains insoluble and soluble fiber. These fibers help prevent constipation and slows down digestion, giving you that full feeling.

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