Lesser-Known Causes of Insomnia

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Lesser-Known Causes of Insomnia
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Irritability, memory loss, weight gain, weak immune system, increased risk of heart disease and cancer — these are just some of the scariest complications of sleep deprivation. Clearly, insomnia is something that should be addressed effectively!

The cause of insomnia is different for everyone. However, it’s no secret that drinking too much caffeinated beverages, exercising vigorously a few hours before bedtime and stress can leave you wide awake through the night. Did you know that there are a few other lesser-known root causes of insomnia?

If you cannot seem to pinpoint the exact cause of your inability to sleep at night, continue reading. Check which of the following could be the reason behind your insomnia and act quickly to combat sleep deprivation, so that you may steer clear of its various complications.


Having watery eyes, runny nose, itchy skin and other symptoms can definitely keep you from having a good night’s sleep. When allergies attack, it’s not unlikely for insomnia to be not far behind — including its various side effects the morning after! Dealing with allergies and managing its various symptoms are the best solutions to keep sleeplessness at bay.

What You Eat and Drink

Surprise, surprise! Caffeine, a well-known sleep saboteur, is not only found in coffee, soda and tea. Did you know that even a cup of your favorite decaf still contains some amount of caffeine in it? Snacking on a delectable bar of chocolate at night can also leave you sleepless. That’s because chocolates contain caffeine.

Late Night Snacking

Some people find it easier to fall asleep if they munch on something just before bedtime, especially foods that are high in carbohydrates. However, this move may be counterintuitive for those who are at risk of acid reflux. Chest pain and the rest of the symptoms of the said condition can keep you from getting to dreamland at night.

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Alcohol Intake

Don’t be fooled into thinking that drinking alcohol can give you much-needed sleep. While it’s true that being drunk makes it easier for anyone to fall sleep, the fact is the consumption of alcohol the night before may keep you from feeling refreshed and rejuvenated the next day. Why? Alcohol tends to give you the kind of sleep that’s shallow and disrupted.

An Overactive Thyroid Gland

If your thyroid gland is overactive, it’s not unlikely for you to suffer from sleepless nights. Known in the world of medicine as hyperthyroidism, this condition can also bring about other signs and symptoms such as weight loss, rapid heart rate, nervousness and increased sweating. It’s important to have the thyroid gland checked by a doctor.


Feeling blue due to unfavorable life circumstances such as divorce, passing away of a loved one or unemployment can leave you with insomnia. The problem is this: when you’re depressed, you end up sleepless; and the more you are deprived of sleep, the more you get depressed. Visit a specialist if it seems like your depression does not want to go away.

Certain Medications

Deprived of sleep for many nights now? It could be due to the prescription drug you are taking. Certain medications are known to sabotage your ability to sleep, and some of them include drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and depression. Talk to your doctor if you suspect that your prescription drug is the culprit.

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