Know the Anatomy of a Super Healthy Salad!

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It’s not uncommon for people to rely on salad as their meal, when they are looking for healthy options. But do you know what to add into your salads to make them into the perfect power salad?

Let’s find out what you can mix into your salads to make them into the perfect powerhouse of healthy nutrients.

Below are 7 best tips on how to make your salad super healthy , without sacrificing flavor or nutrition.

1. Choose Darker Veggies

Dark green leafy vegetables are up on the nutritional scale, plus they are rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, fiber and vitamins. Choose vegetables such as kale, bok choy, mustard greens, arugula and romaine lettuce.

Adding 1 cup of kale to your salad mix can power up your salad by providing over 100% of your daily value for nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and K.

2. Add Fruits

Tomatoes are a good source of folate, vitamins A, C, K and potassium. It is naturally low in sodium, sugar, saturated fats and calories. Other fruits you can add are chopped pears, apples, dried cranberries (in moderation) and even clementines.

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3. Add Healthy Fats

For your body to effectively use the nutrients in the vegetables, a certain type of fat needs to be added. Choose an unsaturated fat and remember that your body only requires a small amount of fat in a meal to absorb the nutrients.

You may use 2-3 thin slices of avocado which are a good source of heart-healthy fats, fiber, potassium and vitamin E. Other healthy fats include the following, tahini, olives, cheese and nuts, such as cashews and pecans.

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4. Choose Pomegranate

Opt to choose 1/4 cup of pomegranate seeds compared to raisins. Pomegranate seeds contain 18 grams of sugar.

5. Go for Protein

Eggs contain 78 calories and are rich in B vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Also nuts, beans and seeds such as sunflower, flax and pumpkin are other types of protein that are perfect for salads.

6. Add Cheese

Cheese helps boost fat loss when eaten with non-starchy vegetables. Goat cheese that are made from goat’s milk are high in protein and calcium, that contains probiotics. Feta and blue cheese are also healthy and delicious on salads.

7. Homemade Dressing

Combining vinegar and olive oil, is the easiest way to avoid sugar and chemical emulsifier.

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