Know the Anatomy of a Healthy Sandwich

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To make a healthy and delicious sandwich, we always watch out for two things, calories and fats. We tend to forget the sodium present in the sandwiches we’re building.

So here’s a guideline on how to build a healthy sandwich:

1. Breads

Choose a bread that contains no more than 80 calories per slice. Many healthy-sounding varieties or wannabes have over 100 calories per piece. You can try a pita, wrap or bagel.

Choose flax corn tortillas or La Tortilla fiber. They contain a measly 45 calories, yet have 5 grams of fiber.

2. Meat

Grilled turkey and chicken are healthy meat options, though there are many other healthy alternatives. You can also try roasted vegetables, such as zucchini and eggplant, that have been marinated overnight in balsamic vinegar.

3. Add More Vegetables

Skip on the cheese which can add more sodium. Instead add a layer of slice tomatoes, arugula or carrots. The sodium will only be approximately 27 mg.
You saved 173 mg of sodium.

4. Condiments

Mayonnaise, pesto and aioli are not healthy for your sandwich. They contain 200-400 calories. Instead of using the above mentioned condiments, spread your bread with smashed avocados, which has 7 mg sodium. You saved 81 mg of sodium.

5. Seasonings

Use a pepper mill for your seasoning. This spice releases its essential oils, which add depth without the calories, to any savory or sweet dish.

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