Jujube Fruit for Stronger Bones and Digestive Health

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The jujube or Ziziphus jujube, which is also known as a Chinese jujube, red jujube, Korean jujube, or Indian jujube, is belongs to the species of Ziziphus in the buckthorn family Rhamnaceae. Fresh jujube can be candied, and eaten as a snack with coffee. Individuals also use jujube fruit to make jam.

Similar to a small date or olive in size, fresh jujube fruit has the crips and texture and bright flavor of an apple. In traditional medicine, the seeds, fruit and bark of jujube have been used to treat insomnia and anxiety, as well as a digestive aid and as an appetite stimulant.

While fresh jujubes contains flesh that tastes similar to an apple, dried jujube tastes much like dates and have similar impressive nutritional profile. Jujube fruit is filled with important minerals and vitamins, which provide its many health benefits.

Health Benefits of Jujube Fruit:

1. Anticancer Properties

The water extracted from jujube fruit has shown potential at inhibiting cancerous cells. One study from the Vaccine and Serum Research Institute in Iran tested the water extract of dried jujube fruit for possible induction of apoptosis or automatic cell death of human tumor cell lines and anti-cancer effects.

Using DNA fragmentation analysis, the research showed that jujube extract help suppressed the human tumor cell lines, most especially a leukemia line. Overall, this scientific study reported jujube’s ability to kill off tumor cells, which makes jujube a potential cancer-fighting food.

2. Digestive Health

Fiber helps in preventing constipation, making your bowel movement easier to manage. Also, fiber can scrape cholesterol out of your blood vessels and arteries. The daily recommended dietary fiber intake for both women and men are 25 grams and 38 grams, respectively.

3. High in Disease-Fighting Vitamin C

Jujube fruit is a high-antioxidant and vitamin C food. Therefore, jujube consumption is a perfect way to increase your intake of key nutrients. Antioxidants are nutrients that blockthe damage that are caused by free radicals. Excessive levels of free radicals in the body are associated with an accelerated aging process and more serious health concerns such as heart disease and cancer.

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Since our bodies cannot produce vitamin C on their own, it is important that we get enough vitamin C in our daily diet. Just consuming half cup of fresh jujubes fulfills over 100% of the daily vitamin C requirement.

4. Promotes Better Sleep

Jujubes have been shown to help individuals sleep better, due to its high content of magnesium, which is a mineral that is directly associated to improving the duration, quality and tranquility of sleep.

Also, jujubes help regulate metabolism, to help in reducing sleep disorders and the occurrence of insomnia.

5. Skin Health

One of the wonderful effects of antioxidants is on your skin. Jujube juice and its extracts have been used topically to treat a variety of inflammation and skin irritations. These include eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Furthermore, you can consume jujube fruit to get many of the same effects. Also, it help in preventing the appearance of scars and wrinkles, as well as keep your skin tight and energized with oxygenated blood.

6. Stronger Bones

One of the best and effective way to strengthen your bones is to ensure that your mineral intake is optimal. By increasing minerals such as phosphorous, calcium and iron (all of which are present in jujubes), you can ensure that your bones will remain strong and resilient.

As you age, you tend to suffer from other bone degradation conditions and osteoporosis, therefore adding jujube fruit to your diet can reverse or slow this condition.

7. Weight Management

Eating vegetables and fruits is a common suggestion for individuals attempting to lose weight. Jujube is a fruit that can easily be added to that list.

With a low calorie count and a high fiber and protein level, jujube fruit can satisfy your nutritional needs and fill you up. This will prevent you from snacking in between meals. Also, this will help you in maintaining your diet and prevent any additional weight gain.

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