Ingenious Banana Peel Uses

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Bananas are undoubtedly some of the most popular fruits on the face of the planet. The next time you eat a piece of this tropical fruit, don’t just dunk the peel in the trash can. That’s because a seemingly-useless banana peel can in fact be used in an assortment of ingenious ways. Read on to know the many ways a banana peel can change your life for the better.

Heals Irritated Skin

Moisten a small piece of banana peel with water. Rub the underside on itchy and painful insect bites or stings. The mild acidity of a banana peel is very good at soothing irritated skin.


Removes Unsightly Warts

No one wants to have warts. A quick and effective way to get rid of one that’s bugging you is by rubbing a small piece of banana on the unsightly growth before you hit the sack. Can’t wait to get that wart out of your life? Tape over your wart a piece of banana peel cut into a small square.

Makes Your Shoes Gleam

Conditioning your leather shoes helps make your treasured pair look great and last for a long time. If you don’t have the budget for a commercially-sold leather conditioner, simply grab a banana peel. Rub the underside on your leather shoes for conditioning and shine.

Brightens Your Smile

Nothing can make you feel more confident than having white teeth. On a regular basis, rub a small piece of banana peel on your pearly whites to dissolve stains and keep discoloration at bay.

Keeps CDs or DVDs from Skipping

Annoyed that the CD or DVD containing your favorite movie can’t seem to stop skipping? Deal with the problem by gently rubbing the underside of a banana peel on the scratched CD or DVD using circular motions. The waxy substance in the banana peel will fill in the scratches. Clean afterwards with glass cleaner and a soft piece of cloth, then play.

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Makes Your Skin Glow

Who needs those expensive exfoliating products for the face when you have a banana peel around? Gently massaging banana peel on your face helps remove dead skin cells as well as improve blood circulation to the area. This super easy and cost-free facial allows you to enjoy skin that glows with health.

Maintains the Shine of Silver

You love silver jewelry pieces but not the patina that keeps them from gleaming. You can keep your various silver fashion accessories dazzling by polishing them with a banana peel. Its mild acidity will dissolve patina that has developed on the surface of your jewelry pieces. Buff them with a soft piece of cloth afterwards for tons of shine.

Removes a Splinter Trouble-Free

Getting rid of that annoying splinter can be a pain in the neck at times. Cut a small piece of banana peel and tape it over the splinter with the fleshy part facing your skin. After 30 minutes, grab a pair of tweezers and pull that splinter out. Enzymes in the banana peel help take the splinter closer to the skin’s surface for easy removal.

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