How to Use Mint Leaves as Cooling Facials

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How to Use Mint Leaves as Cooling Facials
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Mint serves as a refreshing facial, that helps to purify and cool down the skin. The soothing and beneficial properties of mint will treat most of the skin problems and help improve the complexion for that bright and radiant skin.

1. Cooling Facial with Mint Leaves

Mint leaves
Pieces of cucumber

1. Take a few mint leaves and pieces of cucumber. Remember not to add too many pieces, so that the mixture do not become water.
2. Make a paste out of the two ingredients.
3. Apply honey if you want.
4. Apply on the face.
5. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse off.

This face mask will add a glow and tone your face.

2. Mint Face Scrub

Assorted nutrients packed in mint leaves can cleanse your blocked pores and refreshes the skin. Add oats and milk powder and honey to turn it to a face scrub.

Mint leaves
3 Tablespoon Milk powder
1/2 Tablespoon honey
1/4 cucumber

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1. Mash all ingredients.
2. Add honey.
3. Wash your face.
4. Apply the face mask and scrub evenly.
5. Leave it to dry naturally.
6. Wipe using wet cloth.

Health Benefits of Mint:

  • Mint relieves dry skin by maintaning its moisture
  • Mint serves as a great anti-acne treatment
  • Mint helps to soothe irritated skin

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