How to Use Half a Lemon Daily to Lose Weight

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During weight loss, the food calories must be processed and the useful substances from the food, must be distributed through your body. This is why proper digestion is needed. Also without proper digestive system, losing weight will be more difficult.

How to Use Half a Lemon Daily to Lose Weight
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Health Benefits of Lemon:

Lemon juice has high level of acid, which helps assist in decreasing the negative effects of sweet foods and boost the digestive system. Below is an effective way to use lemon for losing that extra weight.

Lemon Drink for Weight Loss:

First Step

  • Cut the lemon in a half.
  • Squeeze the the lemon in a 2.5 deciliters glass.
  • Add room temperature water in the glass. Do not add cold water because your body will be needing additional strives to warm up the lemon juice, therefore postponing the digestive process.

Second Step

    • Whisk the mixture well.
    • Drink it at once.

The effects of this drink are best in the morning, so make sure it is the first thing you consume.

Third Step

  • Wrap the other lemon half using cellophane and put it in the fridge for preservation.

Fourth Step

  • If you are doing this recipe regularly, your metabolism will be activated before the calories in your body are consumed. This will enhance and speed up the digestion system.
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Lemonade has been proven to be the most efficient way for fighting extra weight.

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