How to Remove Upper Lip Hair Using Natural Remedies

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Have you tried many expensive products to get rid of your lip hair, but were unsuccessful? Hair growth on the upper lip is common as the hair on your scalp, but for some women, hormonal imbalances can cause upper lip hair to grow more than normal.

Read on below to find out what home remedies will work wonders in removing your upper lip hair.

How to Remove Upper Lip Hair Using Natural Remedies
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3 Painless Way to Remove Upper Lip Hair

1. Egg White

Egg whites are a good remedy for removing upper lip hair. Egg whites soothes your skin and also helps you dislodge the hair from its follicles with the enzymes it contains.


1 egg white
1 tsp corn flour
1 tsp sugar

1. Mix the egg white with the corn flour and sugar.
2. Whisk the mixture until it forms a sticky paste.
3. Apply the paste on your upper lip region.
4. Let it dry for about 30 minutes.
5. Peel it off.

How Often You Should Do This:

Repeat this at least twice a week. In a least a month, you will notice that the hair growth has considerably reduced.

2. Gelatin

Because of its sticky nature, gelatin works as another effective home remedy for facial hair removal. It is used to make peel-off masks which can also take care of unwanted hair and blackheads.

1. Place 1 tablespoon of unflavored gelatin, a few drops of lavender essential oil and 1½ tablespoons of milk in a microwave-safe bowl.
2. Mix the ingredients, then place the bowl in the microwave for 10-15 seconds.
3. Let the mixture cool down a little.
4. Place a thick layer of the mixture on your upper lip with the use of a popsicle stick.
5. Allow it to dry and then peel it off against the direction of your hair growth.
6. Rinse off using cool water.

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3. Sugar

Sugar is used for waxing, therefore you can use it to remove upper lip hair. This is a painless method and it will also help in preventing hair growth.


2 Tablespoons sugar
1 Tablespoon Lemon juice
Piece of cloth

1. Add sugar to the pan and heat it up.
2. Add the lemon juice to form a thick, sticky paste.
3. Cool it down and then spread it on the upper lips. Put a piece of cloth on the area you have applied the sugar paste. Gently apply pressure ion circular motion. Pull it off. You can do this once a week or as needed.

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