How to Reduce Your Stress? Eat More Vegetables, Study Says

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The more vegetables and fruit you eat, most especially for women, the less stress you  feel, according to a new study.

A good quality diet, with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, is considered to reduce your risk of depression. A poor diet on the other hand, one that is abundant in sugary and processed foods, is considered to increase your risk.

How to Reduce Your Stress? Eat More Vegetables, Study Says
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The study, conducted at the University of Sydney in Australia, looked at 60,000 Australians whose age range from 45 or older.

The researchers measured the participants’ vegetable and fruit consumption, psychological distress and lifestyle factors, between 2006, 2008 and in 2010.

The researchers found that participants who ate between 3-4 daily servings of vegetables had a 12% lower risk of stress, compared to those who ate between zero and one servings daily. Eating 5-7 daily servings gave you a 14% lower risk.

The benefits were even more pronounced when it came to women. Women who consume 3-4 daily servings of vegetables had an 18% lower risk of stress.


While both vegetables and fruit have impressive all-round health benefits, it is vegetables that seem to be the key to defeating stress.

While eating 3-4 daily serves of only vegetables was linked to a 12% drop in stress risk, and eating 5-7 daily serves of vegetables and fruit was linked to a 14% drop, eating fruit alone did not have any apparent impact on stress levels.

The research reveals that moderate daily vegetable intake alone is linked to a lower incidence of psychological stress. While moderate fruit intake alone appears to have no significant benefit on people’s psychological stress.

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