How to Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels and Unclog Arteries Using These 3 Ingredients

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Did you know that there are natural, simple, and healthy remedies that can help if you have clogged arteries? These 3 ingredients are turmeric, garlic, and oatmeal.

1. Garlic

Garlic has been reported to help lower LDS levels by preventing cholesterol from sticking to your artery walls. This prevents the clogging of arteries, prevents blood clots, and also reduces blood pressure.


Take at least 2-4 cloves of raw garlic daily. If raw garlic is too hard for you to eat, you can include 5-7 cloves in your everyday meals. You can also add it to salads, sauce, or rub it on whole wheat toast. Also, garlic can be found in capsule and tablet form as well as in powder or extract form.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that can help in treating clogged arteries, making your heart work better and lowering bad cholesterol. The curcumin present in turmeric contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent blood platelets from forming clots. Also, it can reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack and help relax blood vessels.

One way to consume turmeric is by taking 1 teaspoon of the powder, then add a little honey inside some warm milk. You should drink this at least 1-2 times daily. Also, turmeric powder can be included in your cooking, perhaps in a soup or sauce.

Also, you can take turmeric supplements (400-600 mg 3 x daily). But, it is best to see a doctor before beginning any supplement regimen.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a perfect heart-healthy meal because of its high soluble fiber content. It has been recommended by The American Heart Association that the total dietary fiber intake for adults should be at least 25-30 grams daily from food, not supplements. That is why oatmeal is a great choice.

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A bowl of oatmeal made from 3/4 cup of dry oats contains at least 3 grams of soluble fiber, which is easier to digest compared to insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps in binding the cholesterol in your body, helping you to digest it, rather than having it get absorbed into your bloodstream. This helps in lowering the LDL levels in your blood.


To get the best benefits from oatmeal, consume at least 1-2 bowls of cooked oats daily. Also, you can add nuts, fresh fruits, and even honey to enhance the flavor in a more healthful way.

Other Ways to Reduce Your Risk for High Cholesterol Levels and Clogged Arteries:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Avoid smoking
  • Do yoga and meditation regularly
  • Laugh a lot or participate in laughter therapy
  • Get regular blood tests done
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Stay away from bad stress/anxiety

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