How to Prevent Wrinkles Overnight?

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Wrinkles are part of the normal ageing process. But we are always on the lookout for ways to minimize their appearance.

Did you know that some of your habits can increase premature skin ageing? There are a number of ways to help prevent wrinkles at night. These simple steps can help you fight wrinkles as you sleep.

How to Prevent Wrinkles Overnight?
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1. Lie On Your Back

Do you sleep on your stomach or on your side? This may result in sleep lines, as your face can constantly rub on the pillows.

2. Wash Your Face Before Going to Bed

Night time is when your body and skin, naturally repairs itself. You are not maximizing that process if oil, dirt and makeup are in the way.

Free your skin before bedtime by cleansing with a gentle facial foam, to keep your skin fresh and firm.

3. Put Some Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil contains vitamins that help keep your skin supple and firm. Grab a pea size to use, after washing your face.

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4. Get a Full Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep is necessary. It is essential to sleep 7-8 hours a night to rejuvenate your skin. That is why it is called beauty sleep.

5. Use Creams

Your skin needs to be moisturized to reverse the signs of aging and get back its elasticity. You can use an easy anti-aging cream at home by slicing up a papaya and placing it on your face, or you can buy the one that comes with retinol.

Either way, just make sure to hydrate your skin every night and every morning before applying make up.

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