How to Plop Your Hair for Better Curls

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Why is everyone plopping their hair? Plopping is the trend for creating defined curls without using heat styling. It is a no-heat method of drying your curls to perfection.

So how do you plop your hair? Here is the method: Plop your curls on top of your head, while wrapped in a T-shirt, towel or cloth, then twist both sides securely. Leave it on while the hair dries. Then remove to reveal frizz-free curls.

This refreshingly quick and simple technique can tame your hair without causing any damage from styling. Here’s the detailed method on how to do it.

How to Plop Your Hair for Better Curls
hair plopping for better curls / pixabay

How to Plop Your Hair:

Your favorite hair products
Cotton t-shirt

1. After shampooing, apply your hair products to damp and not to wet hair.
2 Using a wide-tooth comb, de-tangle your hair.
3. On a large and flat surface, lay-out the cotton shirt.
4. Flip your head upside down, and begin to lower your curls onto the shirt.
5. Roll the bottom of the shirt up towards your forehead, and then wrap it around the nape of your neck.
6. Bring the top of the shirt up toward your head, then wrap around the rest of your hair, while bringing the arms down and around the nape of your neck.
7. Stand upright, while bringing the arms of the shirt up towards your forehead. Then tie them together using a knot, and tuck any loose corners into the knot.
8. Once your hair is dry, unwrap the shirt to see your beautiful curls.

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