How to Make Okra Water for Diabetes and Lowering Cholesterol

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Okra is gaining its reputation as the so-called ‘superfood‘ for individuals who have diabetes or risk of diabetes or cancer.

Okra is commonly referred to as ladyfingers, or by its biological names Hibiscus esculentus and Abelmoschus esculentus. It is known to have a positive effect on blood sugar control, among one of its many health benefits.

Nutritional Value of Okra:

Okra contains vitamins A, C, calcium and iron, according to Natural News. Also, it contains fat, starch, thiamine, ash, and riboflavin.

Also, okra contains minerals, vitamins, and the antioxidants catechin, epicatechin, procyanidin B1 and B2, rutin and quercetin. These antioxidants are capable of preventing the damage to cells, which are caused by environmental stress and factors.

How Okra Can Help Treat Diabetes?

Evidence that okra contains anti-diabetic properties has increased in recent years, with multiple Vivo (animal) and Vitro (laboratory) studies, confirming okra as a potent anti-diabetic or blood glucose-lowering food.

A study that was published in 2011, in the Journal of Pharmacy & BioAllied Sciences, found that diabetic mice that were fed ground and dried okra peels and seeds experienced a reduction in their blood glucose levels. The other mice showed a gradual decrease in blood glucose, following regular feeding of the okra extract for about 10 days.

Outside of scientific research, many individuals with diabetes have reported a decrease in blood sugar levels, after soaking cut-up okra pieces in water overnight and then drinking the juice in the morning.

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How Okra Can Help Lower Cholesterol?

Adding okra into your diet can help to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. This is because okra contains no cholesterol and very little fat.

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When you consume more foods that do not contribute to your overall cholesterol levels, like okra, you may eat less of those foods that are high in cholesterol and fat. Also, peplacing high-fat foods that contain high levels of cholesterol, such as rich desserts or fatty meats, with vegetables such as okra can help in lowering your total cholesterol levels. Unless it is prepared in products that contain cholesterol, such as lard or butter.

How to Prepare Okra Water:

Preparing okra water is an easy step by step process:

1. Wash 4-5 medium-sized okra.
2. Clip both ends off the okra and split the okra in half.
3. Put the okra in a large mason jar.
4. Put water.
5. Soak the okra overnight or for at least 8-24 hours.
6. Squeeze the okra into the water in order to release any leftover sap.
7. Throw the okra away.
8. Drink the water.

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