How to Look Younger Without Surgery

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How to Look Younger Without SurgeryPeople want to preserve their youth and look young, despite of the fact that a person continues to age. As time passes by, the skin shows cellular aging in two ways.

According to Healthista, the skin may undergo intrinsic aging, which is the natural or biological process that happen it the skin. The publication also said that this process involves the reduction of the body’s estrogen levels, collagen and elastin production, and melanin formation. The loss of estrogen, which is the female hormone, makes the skin drier. The decrease in collagen and elastin formation also leads to the reduction of the skin’s firmness while the low amount of melanin, the pigment that gives color to the skin, may leave a person susceptible to ultra-violet ray damage, sun spots, and wrinkles.

The skin may also undergo extrinsic aging, as per Healthista. According to the publication, extrinsic aging refers to the external or environmental factors that may damage the skin, such as free radicals, which are described as organic molecules that cause tissue damage, and other skin damaging factors brought about by pollution, smoke, sunlight, and food.

While a person’s genetic make-up remains vital in figuring out the speed of aging, researchers have found that up to 40 percent of how a person ages can be modified, as per Healthista.

Liver oil can help one look younger without surgery. According to The Guardian, liver oil is beneficial for dry and aging skin, in addition to the hair, nails, joints, and digestive system. The publication mentioned that liver oil in capsule form is much recommended that the bottle oil form, since it is “repellent” to a person and those around her.

Facial exercises can also be done as effective ways to tone the face and look younger. According to Facelift Without Surgery, facial exercises serve as the ultimate natural facelift. These also incorporate a facial toning system that utilizes simple facelift exercises to tighten wrinkly and saggy skin and remove wrinkles. The publication also claimed that one could easily look ten years younger within 30 days with acupressure and massage regimens, instead of needles and scalpel.

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While people know that exercising boosts the body’s strength and immune system, exercise is also another way to look younger without surgery. According to Now Loss, exercise activates collagen production, which results to the formation of younger skin tissue, which degenerates as a person becomes older. In addition, exercise also promotes proper blood circulation, providing adequate nutrients and oxygen to the skin and making a person look more radiant. Exercise also aids a person have a better sleep, which entails having less or absence of dark circles and puffy eyes, along with the natural boost of human growth hormones, which removes spending thousands on injections from the list.

Chemical peels also serve as cosmetic fixes without knives involved. According to Web MD, chemical peels use an acid solution to get rid of the old and dead cells from the external skin layers. In addition, the solution usually contains a blend of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, phenol, and trichloroacetic acid or TCA. The solution can be applied for 15 minutes and stinging and mild skin irritation is expected. The solution will cause the upper layers of the skin to peel and reveal newer and smoother skin, which can be noticed in few days.

Some people undergo non-surgical facial rejuvenation as a way to look younger. According to Daily Mail, the treatment often utilizes radio frequency (RF) energy. As the energy penetrates the skin layers, it damages then collagen, leaving it to recoil, tighten, and repair. Therefore, its effects to the skin surface are both tightening and plumping.

With these natural ways of looking younger laid down, a person will not have to go to the dermatologist for surgery. After all, it is still a healthy lifestyle that gives a person her fullest potential.

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