How to Improve Your Complexion with Double Letter Skincare Creams

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With so many double letter creams — From BB Cream to PP Cream, your question might be, Which cream is suitable for me?

We have decoded them and listed down all the double-letter beauty creams, to help you decide which one is the best skincare cream for you.

How to Improve Your Complexion with Double Letter Skincare Creams
Double Letter Skincare Creams /

What You Need to Know about Improving Your Complexion with Double Letter Skincare Creams?

Beauty Balm or BB Cream

It also stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Base. BB cream was originally formulated in the late 1960s by German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek as a medical skin protectant which is used after chemical peels or cosmetic surgery.

Some specialty BB creams has ingredients that treats specific skin care issues. Choose the ones with anti-aging compounds including peptides, and antioxidants like Vitamin A, E, and C to maintain youthful skin. BB cream moisturizers provide some powerful hydrators such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin which is suitable for very dry skin.

Skin-lightening BB creams usually have ingredients such as licorice and arbutin, or even mica. BB is the best for you if you shy away from makeup. The finish is to appear natural-looking and the tint helps cover a few trouble spots.

BB creams are heavier than tinted moisturizers but lighter than foundation. While the formulations in BB creams can have the same efficacy as stand-alone serums, the most concerning thing about BB Cream is it does not have an adequate amount of sun protection. BB cream can be used as primer, concealer, foundation, moisturizer, pore minimizer, skin brightener, skin enhancer and can even skin tone. It is great for normal to dry skin

Color Correcting or CC Cream

These creams were created to treat sallow or red, sore-looking skin on the face. They contain ingredients that make your skin feel fresh and give it a smooth, even texture. A CC cream has all the benefits of a BB cream but with additional specific feature of homogenizing the coloration of the skin, by improving the complexion concerns such as redness or dullness.

Most women feel that a BB Cream is more like a tinted foundation, creamy and moisturizing, while a CC Cream feels lightweight and fast absorbing. Most CC creams acts as a skin-lightener and has tendency to have more of a whipped texture and a lighter feel than BB creams. CC cream acts as dark spot reducer, age mark reducer, sun spot reducer, sunscreen, redness reducer, moisturizer, and acne scar smoother.

It is perfect for oily or acne-prone skin and uneven skin tones. Advanced formulations of CC Creams contain pharmaceuticals for anti-ageing or pigmentations to deliver a longer-term result.

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Daily Defense or DD Cream

It also stands for Double-Duty, some even say Dermatologically Defining. This is really just a heavy-duty BB/CC hybrid. It is designed for use all over the body. This cream is thicker than a blend of regular foundation and tinted moisturizer.

DD Creams have the same texture as a BB Cream but offer more SPF protection and as a barrier to prevent moisture loss. It also has the Colour Correcting particles from the CC Cream. It essentially works as an antioxidant, illuminator, brightener, concealer, anti-aging firming treatment, redness reducer, brightener, pore minimizer, oil reducer, primer and broad spectrum SPF sunscreen.

More often, DD creams also include a variety of anti-aging ingredients for youthful-looking skin. It is great for those who are concerned with aging skin. These creams are best suited for mature skin or women who wear ritual foundation who want a lighter feel without sacrificing coverage.

Even Effect or EE Cream

This beauty balm was designed to resurface skin and promote a youthful-looking skin. It was released in response to what studies have shown is a leading cause of skin discolorations, including dark spots and hyperpigmentation: air pollution.

EE is a specialty cream formulated like a DD cream, but with additional exfoliation benefits to promote skin cell regeneration for young looking skin. There is nothing on the market designed in the same way to keep skin looking dewy, youthful and healthy. EE cream also acts as exfoliant, sunscreen, anti-aging treatment, brightener, concealer, smoother, dark spot eraser and skin tone corrector. It is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Facial Finishing or FF Cream

This cream acts as a foundation while imparting moisture to the skin. It helps blur fine lines and provides skin a more youthful appearance. They hydrate, revitalize, and refresh facial fatigue.

Pink Perfect or PP Cream

This cream is a base for applying makeup. It contains silicon particles that fill out all the uneven parts of the skin, making it smooth and even. PP creams is suitable for any type of skin, but should be used in combination with other face products. After applying it, you should add another layer of tonal cream. Its pink tint also provides you a glow like you’ve just come out of the shower.

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