How to Have a Healthy Body, Heart and Memory With Grape Juice?

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Many studies have associated drinking red wine to the heart disease prevention and other conditions, but, grape juice contains many of the same benefits.

Better yet, grape juice is suitable for children, and individuals who cannot drink alcohol. Also, dieters can breathe easier, because they can get the benefits of grape juice without having to consume huge amounts of calories, in most cases.

Health Benefits of Grape Juice:

1. Anti-oxidants for Boosting Immunity

Grape juice is filled with anti-oxidants. Also, it contains anti-viral and anti- bacterial properties. All these can help in boosting your immunity, while also acting as a shield from all sorts of common bacterial and viral infections including coughs, colds, and flu. Anti-oxidants also ensure that your mind and body remain healthy, young and delays the signs of ageing.

2. Flavonoids for Heart Health

Grape juice flavonoids help in preventing the oxidation of harmful LDL cholesterol in your body, which is a process that causes the build-up of plaque in arteries, thereby leading to atherosclerosis.

In a study that was published in the journal “Circulation” in 1999, scientists had 15 patients that have narrowed arteries drink 7.7-1.2 mL of purple grape juice per kg of body weight for at least 14 days, or roughly the equivalent of one 8-oz. glass.

Tests showed grape juice significantly reduced LDL oxidation in the patients, and that their blood was flowing more freely in their arteries.

Alternatively, a study published in the “Journal of Nutrition”, in August 2005 reported that using 1.26 oz. of grape juice powder combined with water was also effective at lowering cholesterol.

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3. Polyphenols for Improving Cognitive Functions and Memory

Grapes, and their juice, contain polyphenol compounds that exert antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions, that reportedly improve cognitive function. This has been evident in various studies of different population groups, from seniors to busy stressed out moms.

4. Potassium for Decreasing Blood Pressure

Grapes are rich in potassium, which has been reported to improve blood pressure, possibly more than a low sodium diet.

5. Reservatrol for Cancer Prevention

Reservatrol is a big thing in many health stores lately, and it is naturally present in grape juice. It has been reported to help in preventing the formation of tumors and preventing cancer.

Maybe purple should be considered as the new pink.

Grape Juice Recipe:


2 cups Black Seedless Grapes
1/2 cup Chilled Water
2 Tsp fresh Lemon Juice
Pinch of Salt
Sugar to Taste
Ice Cubes

1. Wash the grapes using cold water and drain well.
2. Add water, grapes, and sugar, if desired, to blender. Then blend until smooth.
3. Strain juice mixture, then discard pulp.
4. Add salt and lemon, then stir.
5. Remove any white foam off the top.
6. Add ice and serve immediately.

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