How to Fight Acne Using This Common Food Product

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Natural home remedies does wonders to your skin. Most of the time we are always on thge look-out for common and innovative home remedies to fight skin related problems incuding pigmentation, acne, blemishes and tan.

Natural remedies are most often used as an alternative to expensive and harsh chemical-laden beauty products. Home remedies are comparatively gentle and contain no artificial chemicals and colours.

But, did you know that yogurt is one natural product that does wonders to any acne prone skin? Using a yogurt mask helps control acne, and helps in preventing further breakouts. Also, it reduces redness and acne scars that are caused by outbursts.

How to Fight Acne Using This Common Food Product
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Benefits of Yogurt for Acne:

Yogurt contains healthy bacteria that helps to get rid of acne-causing bacteria. The lactic acid present in yogurt dissolves the dead skin cells, which can otherwise clog your pores, thus resulting in breakouts.

Lactic acid not only helps in clearing acne, but also to improve your complexion and skin tone.

Different Ways to Use Yogurt:

Yogurt can be used in various ways, unlike other acne treatments. It can be applied topically or added into your diet.

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Both of these methods have the ability to impact your skin’s overall appearance.

Yogurt Face Mask:

One of the most common way to use yogurt is through application as a facial mask. The cultures hrlp in promoting clearer skin and the lactic acid in removing dead skin cells. This leads to a unclogged pores, gentle exfoliation, and minimized breakouts.

Also, a yogurt mask can reduce redness, brighten your skin, and reduce scars. As yogurt is ultra-moisturizing, it will not dry-out your skin, like many other acne treatments.

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1. Wash your face using gentle cleanser.
2. Patting your skin dry.
3. Apply plain unsweetened yogurt all over your face, with your fingers.
4. Leave on for 10-15 minutes.
5. Rinse thoroughly using a dry towel.

Cleanse your face daily with yogurt to treat existing pimples, to moisturise your skin, to prevent further breakouts and to give your skin a healthy natural glow.

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