How to Effectively Whiten Your Teeth Instantly!

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A beautiful smile is among the things people tend to notice. A bright and flawless smile, is an indication of good health.

But, when your teeth are stained, smiling can be limited. In the recent past, cosmetic dentistry has risen up and there are many products used to whiten teeth. But these are costly.

With home remedies, ingredients used are usually natural and the possibility of side effects are reduced.

For that whiter teeth, coconut oil and turmeric are the perfect combination to make your dull looking set of teeth come alive!

How to Effectively Whiten Your Teeth Instantly!
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Coconut oil and Turmeric to Whiten Teeth:


Coconut oil

How to:

1. Combine coconut oil and turmeric.
2. Mix both in needed quantity but just enough to form a paste mixture.
3. Brush teeth with this paste mixture.
4. Leave it on for about 10 minutes.
5. Rinse off the paste mixture thoroughly.
6. Brush your teeth again, but use a regular toothpaste.
7. Rinse

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Do this up to three times weekly.

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