How Does One Tablespoon of Olive Oil Daily Affect Your Health?

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Olive oil is taken from crushed and pitted green olives. It contains phenols, sterols, fatty acids such as linolenic acid palmitic acid, oleic acid and vitamin E that have significant antioxidant activity.

It is also rich in monounsaturated fat that is essential for good health since it is easily digested, compared to other types of fat. Also it is available in a variety of grades and qualities, which depend upon the methods involved in its extraction and the acidity level.

So What are The Health Benefits of Olive Oil to Your Health and Body?

1. Digestive Problems

Olive Oil can stimulate the production of pancreatic lipase enzymes that may help improve the digestive system. For flatulence, bloating, heartburn, upset stomach and intestinal spasms, you can take one teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil half hour before every meal.

2. Fights High Cholesterol

The antioxidant activity of olive oil help with coronary heart disease and high cholesterol levels. Research have shown that countries consuming olive oil on a regular basis have a lower percentage of patients with heart and cholesterol abnormalities, as compared to the ones who use regular vegetable oil.

3. Fights Arthritis and Inflammation

If you are suffering from arthritis, eating plenty of foods that helps reduce inflammation naturally is one of the most useful ways to ease the painful symptoms. Olive oil can help with pain and inflammation due to its nutrients content. This includes oleic acid and the antioxidant oleocanthal.

4. Good for Your Heart

Olive oil is known to be good for the heart. Health experts suggest that taking a tablespoon or 2 of extra virgin olive oil daily or just simply using it as your cooking oil can help.

Using it regularly may have positive effects on your heart health. It normalizes the cholesterol levels due to the polyphenols it contains.

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5. Hair Loss

For thicker hair and hair loss treatment, massage the olive oil into your hair and scalp before bedtime. Leave it for a whole night, then rinse with water in the morning.

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Do this 2-3 times every week to help with your hair loss problems. Olive oils is good for hair loss due to the good amount of essential fatty acids, vitamin E as and other essential nutrients that are essential for healthy hair.

6. Prevents Cancer

Studies showed that extra virgin olive oil is full of antioxidants such as phenols and vitamin E. Both of these are cancer enemies that helps in slowing the growth of cancer cells.

7. Treats Indigestion

Olive oil has a good effect on the production of digestive enzymes. It helps to improve the digestive system to make it function better.

For digestive issues, like gas, bloating, heartburn, upset stomach, flatulence or any related symptoms, you can take a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil half, about an hour before your meal.

8. Promotes Weight Loss

Olive oil has potential to promote weight loss due to its oxidation. It may increase the rate of fat burning. The benefits of olive oil on weight loss has been proven by studies. One study had proven that a diet rich in olive oil increased levels of antioxidants in the blood and result to weight loss.

Every morning before your breakfast, take 1 tablespoon of olive oil to provide you with its health benefits. You can also include it in your diet in other ways, by putting in your salads or as home remedies.

How to Take Olive Oil?

Take a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in the morning to help you treat other health issues.

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