Here’s What Happens When You Put These 2 Fruits on Your Face

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The secret to a great and glowing skin may be right under your nose. Just place these 2 fruits on your face and see how your skin glows.

Here’s What Happens When You Put These 2 Fruits on Your Face
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1. Bananas for Dry and Rough Skin

Dry skin is common, and can happen at any age and for various reasons. For most, having a dry skin is a temporary condition. But for others, it can be a lifelong struggle.

Factors such as low humidity, cooler months, harsh soaps and hot showers tend to aggravate dry skin. The result is red, flaky and tight skin that looks rough. Also, fine lines become more pronounced and your face may develop that ashy and gray tone.

The good news is, dry skin responds well to lifestyle changes and home remedies, according to Mayo Clinic. Bananas are perfect for dry skin and they are available all year-round and inexpensive.

Bananas are also rich in powerful antioxidants, moisture, and phytochemical. They also help in nourishing and revitalizing dry, aged skin as well as smoothen rough patches. The vitamin A that are present in bananas help in restoring lost moisture and in repairing damage caused by dry skin.

Benefits of Banana on Your Face:

Banana Facial Mask:

1. Mashed a ripe banana in a bowl.
2. Apply it on your face.
3. Leave on for at least 25 minutes. You will experienced a slight tingling sensation, most likely due to the tartaric acid present in ripe bananas.

Antioxidant Properties of Bananas

Bananas contain tartaric acid, which has antioxidant properties and alpha hydroxy acid or AHA. These naturally occurring acids are common ingredients that are present in those pricey cosmetic products, but also for good reasons. The chemical compounds can help in increasing collagen production, binding moisture and improving the overall texture of your skin. Also, these work best for individuals with dry to normal skin.

Bananas Can Make Your Skin Softer

After you wash-off the banana using lukewarm water, your skin will feel soft and supple. Dry patches will diminish and the tightness will be gone, thus your overall skin texture will improve. Incorporating a banana facial mask once a week into your skincare routine will help keep your skin smoother and softer.

2. Strawberries for Reducing Blemishes, Premature Aging and Scars

Strawberries contain essential fruit acids or AHAs, that includes salicylic acid, which are commonly used in expensive skin care products for treating blemishes. Also, strawberries contain aspartic acid, that is why strawberry facial masks are the perfect thing for pre- and post-menopausal skin.

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Aged skin can sometimes develop blemishes because of fluctuating hormones. But it also needs an anti-aging remedy to help lighten and reduce age spots, therefore helping to keep your skin fresher and more youthful looking. The alpha hydroxyl acids, including salicylic acid, help in improving blemishes while also fading and lightening spots and acne scars.

Meanwhile, aspartic acid makes a clear difference in the integrity of collagen, according to research published in the British Journal of Dermatology. This means that supplementing your skin with fresh sources of aspartic acid may help keep your skin looking more youthful.

Benefits of Strawberries on Your Face:

Strawberry Facial Mask:

1. Wash the berries, first, in a solution of 8 parts filtered water and 1 part vinegar.
2. Gently stir the berries in the solution, then soak for at least 15 minutes.
3. Drain and rinse the berries, then allow them to dry completely before storing in the refrigerator.
4. Mash the strawberries.
5. Apply on your face.

You can add other ingredients to the mashed strawberries such as lemon juice, that acts as a natural astringent that contains anti-bacterial properties, and therefore destroys acne-causing germs. Also emon juice reduces dark spots and acne scars. Also, you can add honey, which helps in drawing moisture into your skin and kills bacteria-causing acne.

Strawberries Can Make Your Skin Clearer and Brighter

After applying the strawberry mask, you will feel a slight tingly sensation from the AHAs. After rinsing my face using lukewarm water, you will notice that your blemishes will be noticeably drier, as if healing had been accelerated. Also, your surrounding skin will be brighter and smoother.

Tips for the Fruit Masks:

  • You can apply the fruit masks on your chest, neck, chest and hands.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures, hot or cold, when you are rinsing your skin. Extreme water temperature can break capillaries in your face and cause redness.
  • Use a clean face towel upon drying your face.

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