Health Benefits of Star Anise

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Health Benefits of Star Anise
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Star anise is the shining star of so many Asian dishes. This spice with a really eye-catching shape also has medicinal properties that can help with a handful of problems, from a simple indigestion to arthritis pain. Continue reading to know why you should be glad that your spice rack has a bottle of star anise in it.

Antioxidants in Star Anise Neutralize Free Radicals

The damage brought about by free radicals is associated with diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and so many other health conditions. Experts say that star anise is a spice with superb antioxidant properties necessary for the eradication of excessive amounts of free radicals in the body.

Star Anise Boasts of Antifungal Properties

Because of the antifungal properties of this star-shaped spice, its consumption can be beneficial for those with infections caused by fungi. One example of fungal infection that star anise is said to help cure is candidiasis, a problem caused by candida albicans that can infect the skin, mouth and genital areas.

The Spice Works as a Powerful Agent Against Bacteria

Antibiotics may yield unfavorable side effects as well as give rise to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Luckily, there are many herbs and spices that are revered for their ability to combat bacteria, and one of them is star anise. In fact, experts say that star anise is effective against several antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains.

Oil Extracted From Star Anise Helps Relieve Pain

Joint pain is one of the debilitating effects of arthritis. The intake of painkillers tends to leave a person suffering from such symptom with all sorts of side effects. It is said that something as simple as massaging oil extracted from star anise is excellent at relieving pain caused by arthritis.

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Star Anise Tea is Good for the Digestion

In many parts of Asia, it is customary to drink star anise tea after meals. That’s because the beverage is said to help promote a healthy digestion. Star anise tea is also taken for relief of various problems concerning the digestive system. Some of them include indigestion, abdominal cramps, bloating and constipation.

The Star-Shaped Spice Helps Promote Milk Production

For many centuries now, traditional healers recommend star anise to nursing women who cannot seem to produce enough breast milk for their babies. Such is made possible by the estrogenic properties of the said spice. Star anise is also administered to pregnant women by traditional healers to help boost their immune system.

It Possesses Amazing Sedative Properties

Star anise is also ideal for individuals with insomnia as the spice helps calm not only the body but also the mind. It’s for the very same reason why this well-known spice may also benefit individuals suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Those who are constantly stressed may take advantage of star anise as well.

Star Anise Promotes a Healthier Circulatory System

Studies have shown that star anise helps promote better blood circulation, allowing for a more efficient transport of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues. What’s more, the star-shaped spice also contains potassium. The said mineral is essential for proper heart functioning and normal blood pressure.

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