Having Trouble Sleeping? Try This Effective 3-Minute Sleep Trick

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Who does not want that extra half hour of sleep? Fortunately there’s no need to give up anything to do just that.

A recent research shows that a simple back rub can do the trick to help you sleep.

Having Trouble Sleeping? Try This Effective 3-Minute Sleep Trick


A recent study that was published in the Journal of Holistic Nursing that the participants who received a slow stroke back massage for just 3 minutes logged 36 more minutes of sleep time. This is compared to those people who did not get massaged.

Why Three Minutes Matter So Much?

Some studies suggest this is the amount of time your body needs before it can start producing feelings of calm, according to the lead study author Melodee Harris, PhD.

More research is needed to confirm the results. But the researchers pointed out that a person’s sleep experience is largely subjective. The quality of sleep is whatever an individual say it is. So, if you try this and it works,this is what matters.

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How to Try It Out:

1. Lay in bed on your stomach or side.
2. Have your partner use his fingertips to make a slow, circular movements. You should start at the base of your spine and work up to the base of the neck.
3. Repeat for a few minutes, if you have not already drifted off to sleep.

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