Hard Alcohol for Weight Watchers

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Weight gain is a sensitive topic. You may have been watching what you eat, but if you still drink beer, you are not helping yourself achieve the weight loss goal. The good news is that you can still drink alcohol and not get fat. The trick here is to avoid sweet drinks that contain a lot of sugar, including beer, which has malt sugar. Instead of beer, which can give you that unappealing beer belly, stick to hard alcohol instead.

Hard alcohol does not contain carbs. It does have sugar, but the better one because it is all natural and comes from berries, sugarcane, fruits, and grains. Plus, the sugar present in hard alcohol is converted during the processes it underwent.

Top Four Hard Drinks without Sugar or Carbs

1. Whiskey: Whiskey does not have sugar or carbs and is made from fermented grain mash, which can be rye, corn, or wheat.

2. Vodka: Unless it is flavored vodka, straight vodka does not contain sugars and carbs that will make you fatter. It is made from grains, which can be rye or wheat.

3. Rum: Rum is made from natural sugar sources, such as sugarcane and molasses. You can choose from various types of rum, including amber rum, white rum, and dark rum. However, you should stay away from flavored rums.

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4. Gin: Avoid mixers, such as gin and tonic, and sloe gin as well because they have sugars added. Straight gin is free from sugar though.


Wine and straight liquor such as the above mentioned hard drinks are better choices than beer. Still, you have to be careful, particularly in wine. Not all wines are equally good. When choosing which wine to drink, you should go with red wine. Dry white wine and dry champagne are also good options because they do not have high sugar content.

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A Word of Caution

Since you are watching your weight, you should understand that even if hard drinks do not contain carbs and sugars, they still have a lot of calories. A drink on the weekends with your buddies is often forgivable, but if you truly want to make sure your waistline does not expand, avoid alcoholic drinks as much as possible.

Also, you should bear in mind that these hard drinks, no matter how much you convince yourself, will never be considered healthy. Always drink in moderation, that is one drink for women and two drinks for men on a daily basis.

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