Foods and Drinks to Avoid in Controlling an Overactive Bladder

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Having an overactive bladder can keep you from working productively and having a restful sleep come nighttime. Did you know that it’s not just drinking plenty of water that should be blamed for this, but also some of the foods and drinks you love to consume?

There are varied reasons why you pee. It helps flush out waste materials in the body. It also helps regulate blood volume and pressure, as well as the blood’s pH level. Urinating helps control the levels of substances involved in and produced during metabolism. Evidently, you pee because it is important. Having to do it frequently, however, can be a nuisance.

Certain chemicals in foods and drinks may irritate the bladder, causing you to have that urge to rush to the bathroom to pee. By avoiding stuff that contains these irritants, it’s highly possible to have your overactive bladder controlled. Read on to know some of them, and try to steer clear of them while you’re in the office or several hours before you hit the sack.

Foods and Drinks to Avoid in Controlling an Overactive Bladder

Spicy Foods

There’s no denying that spicy foods are a delight to eat. But if you are constantly bugged by your overactive bladder, it’s a good idea to stay away from them whenever necessary. Spices tend to irritate your bladder’s inner lining, making it want to flush out its contents often. It’s a good idea to switch to herbs to make food more flavorful.

Sugary Foods

Many people find themselves going to the bathroom frequently after consuming anything with lots of sugar. If you’re one of them, you might think that opting for artificial sweeteners can put an end to your woe. Here’s a fact: even artificial sweeteners can make your bladder work hard. The best thing to do is cut back on your consumption of anything sweet.

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Cranberry Juice

One of the most effective remedies for bladder infections is the intake of cranberry juice. If your bladder is keeping you from focusing at work or getting some shut-eye at night, you might want to stay away from this beverage. Cranberry juice has diuretic properties, which means that it tends to increase the production and passing of urine.


Drinking coffee can give you can instant dose of energy, but it also makes your bladder work double time. The problem with coffee is it irritates the bladder as well as promotes the passing of more urine. Since the culprit behind such is caffeine, it’s also important to stay away from soda, cocoa and tea if you don’t want to constantly step foot in the bathroom.


If you think that drinking alcohol can help you get some much-needed sleep that constant peeing is taking away from you, think again. Even though it’s not a stimulant, alcohol has the same effect as coffee and other caffeinated beverages on your bladder. Sticking to one or two servings of alcohol a day can help in taming that overactive bladder of yours.

Acidic Juices

Everyone knows that drinking pineapple or orange juice is good for the immune system because it is loaded with vitamin C. However, not everyone is aware that consuming acidic or citrus juices can drive the bladder wild. It is definitely not a good idea to steer clear of nutritious juices just to control your bladder. The secret is moderation.

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