Find Out Why This Is the Best Weight Loss Drink

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A steaming cup of tea maybe the perfect drink for soothing a sore throat and for warming you up on a cold night. But this drink is also a soothing way to get rid of that extra weight.

A recent research review in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, as cited by Prevention magazine finds that tea drinkers have slimmer waistlines.

Find Out Why This Is the Best Weight Loss Drink
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After looking at various meta-analyses and studies on the effects of white, green and oolong tea on body weight, the Dutch researchers concluded that tea’s natural ingredients, such as caffeine and catechins, help increase an individual’s energy expenditure or the calories they burn. The two compounds also increase fat breakdown or fat oxidation in the body.

Also experts have mentioned that tea is really good for your gut. Science research is continually showing how certain foods can boost bad and good gut flora or bacteria, and drinking tea accomplishes just that.

Best Teas for Weight Loss

Each of the teas for weight Loss has its own individual properties, from boosting your metabolism, curbing your hunger and literally melting the fat stored in your fat cells.

Drinking tea can also reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease. You can drink 1-2 cups of tea daily and choose brewed varieties over bottled ones, to avoid those extra calories.

1. Oolong Tea
Oolong is one of the best brews to give you that lean look. Oolong, is a Chinese name for “black dragon”. It is a light, floral tea that is packed with catechins, which help in promoting weight loss by boosting your body’s ability to metabolise fat or lipids.

A study published inn the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine found that participants who regularly drink oolong tea lost at leas six pounds over the course of a six-week time period. That is a pound a week weight loss.

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2. White Tea
White tea prevents new fat cells from forming. It is is dried naturally, most often in sunlight, which makes it the least processed and richest source of antioxidants among other teas. It contains three times as many polyphenols as green tea.

A study which was published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism found that white tea can simultaneously boost the breakdown of fat or lipolysis and block adipogenesis, which is the formation of fat cells, due to high levels of ingredients which is active on human fat cells.

3. Rooibos Tea
Rooibos tea regulates fat-storage hormones. This tea is made from the leaves of the “red bush” plant, which is grown exclusively in the small Cederberg region of South Africa.

Rooibos tea is great for your belly fat, due to its powerful and unique flavanoid known as Aspalathin. Study shows this compound can help in reducing stress hormones that trigger hunger and fat storage. These are linked to metabolic syndrome, hypertension, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Still not convince? Drinking 1-2 cups of tea daily has been known to help improve mood, and reduce the risk for several diseases. These includes osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

It does not matter which kind of tea you drink. Diversity makes a lot of difference, as per the medical experts. Also, it is important to remember that these results are modest, when not combined with regular and a healthy diet. Think of sipping tea as more of a way to help in your overall health and diet.

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