Find Out How Eating Apples Everyday Can Help You Lose Weight

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We all know that an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but the same is true when you want to shed those excess pounds as well. That is according to a recent study in Food Chemistry, the non-digestible compounds present in apples, help promotes the growth of good bacteria in your gut, that is linked with weight loss.

Find Out How Eating Apples Everyday Can Help You Lose Weight
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In a 2012 study, the researchers from the University of Iowa found that ursolic acid supplements help increase calorie burn and muscle mass. While an earlier study published in 2008 had found that women participants who added three small apples to their diet daily, lost a little more than two pounds in just 10 weeks. This is compared to dieters who did not include this fruit in their diet.

Ursolic acid is concentrated on the apple’s peel. Most of apple’s vitamin C, is also present just below the peel.

How It Works?


Apples are high in fiber, this is one of the main reasons they can help with weight loss. A high fiber diet is highly beneficial for weight loss because fiber can help suppress food intake. Fiber also increases satiety, which means it keeps you full longer.

An average apple contains about 4-5gm of fiber. Fiber intake recommendation for male adults under 50 years of age, is about 38 grams/day. While recommendation for females under 50 years of age is, 25 gm/day.

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Low in Calories

Apples are low in calories. Substituting apples for other high calorie sweets, can help with weight loss and lowering calorie intake. Sweets can be hard to avoid out when trying to lose weight and eating fruit in place of sweets can be a healthy alternative.

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