Fifteen Treadmill-Free Cardio Workouts

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Fifteen Treadmill-Free Cardio WorkoutsNo treadmill? No problem!

It’s no secret that any physical activity can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve your mood, and lose weight for as long as you do it regularly. By regularly, we mean twice or thrice a week! Doing it once every seven days does not count!

Cardiovascular workouts are important elements in fitness programs since these high-intensity movements are responsible for burning those fats. Now this does not mean that you should spend hours on the treadmill every other day. As a matter of fact, if you’re not into running, you should not force yourself to run some kilometers on the treadmill so you can say you did some cardio. Instead, try these cardio workouts that you don’t need to do on the treadmill:

  1. How about some burpees?

Burpees test how strong you are physically and mentally. Yes, it’s annoying, you curse the day that someone taught you how to do burpees and that’s exactly the reason why we want you to do it. The movements are so intense- you burn fats in just a couple of minutes.

  1. Here’s an excuse to punch someone.

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you just want to punch somebody? Then you should try boxing. It allows you to release stress from an awfully long day at work plus, you get to workout and condition your entire body.

  1. Get yourself a jump rope.

Take a trip down memory lane and relive those fun days when you had jump rope sessions and mini competitions with your friends. You can create variations by adding plyometric exercises that consist of explosive and fast movements such as jump squats once you become bored with the routine. Jumping up and down spikes your heart, burns calories, strengthens your bones, and boosts your endurance.

  1. Hike every mountain.

Or walk. We mean, brisk walk. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one should have at least a hundred and fifty minutes of brisk walking every week with an additional two to three strength-training sessions. You must not forget to enjoy the breathtaking view as you brisk walk.

  1. Add Tabata and HIIT workouts into your weekly fitness menu.

Boost your metabolism and activate “afterburn” by joining intense cardio workout sessions at the gym. More commonly known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC, this is what your body needs to do in order to go back to its natural resting state.

  1. Meditate and do some power yoga.

If you think that doing various yoga poses and holding them for a few minutes have zero contribution to weight loss, you’re wrong. Yoga allows you to clear your mind, relax, while burning calories in your body.

  1. Groove to the beat.
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Ah, dancing. Now that is one way to workout without feeling like you’re working out. Play some tunes, dance to the beat, be it in your room, living room, or at the gym. It doesn’t matter for as long as you move. A few dance lessons wouldn’t hurt, too.

  1. Zumba your heart out.

People are drawn to Zumba because it’s one big dance party. There’s no need to worry about looking silly; you’re all doing the same thing anyway.

  1. Try other equipments at the gym.

If there’s a long line at the treadmill then skip it and use other gym equipment. There are battle ropes, elliptical, agility ladders, Versaclimber, TRX, and kettlebells patiently waiting for you to use them.

  1. Go Up and Down the Stairs.

If you think running a total distance of 42 kilometers is difficult, try climbing the 5,164 steps of the Great Wall of China. If you don’t see yourself flying tot the Land of the Rising Sun in the near future, you can try climbing up and down the stairs at home.

  1. Have you tried the Stairmaster?

Use the Stairmaster if you don’t have stairs at home. You’ll definitely tone your legs with this machine because it has stairs that could literally go on forever. A few hours on this machine should do the trick.

  1. Ride a bike.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a stationary bike for as long as you ride the bike and do some cardio workout.

  1. Row, row, rowing machine.

Invest in an indoor rowing machine. This simple workout targets your core, back, legs, and arms. You can start with a slow pace and then move faster to work out your cardiovascular system.

  1. Try a new sport.

Why not mix cardio workout and play by trying a new sport? You can try surfing, flag football, volleyball, badminton, tennis, any sport you fancy! Engaging in sports is an excellent way to lose weight because you’re having fun while burning fats. You get to meet new people, too!

  1. Just keep swimming.

Dory the forgetful fish from Finding Nemo gave excellent advice to people when she said “just keep swimming”. If you’re afraid of the water because you don’t know how to swim then it’s about time you learn how to! Swimming requires you to move every single muscle group in your body. It’s a low-impact sport that pushes your heart to work hard while allowing minimal movement on your joints.

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