Fifteen Quick and Natural Ways to Eliminate Blackheads

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When some of your pores have bigger openings, they’re most probably blackheads. Dead skin and dirt clog these openings and the oxidation of melanin leads to blackening. These yellow or black bumps in the pores are thought of by experts to be the initial phase of acne.

Blackheads emerge when there’s too much oil produced by the skin. It can get worse if you don’t clean it well, or if there is a buildup of dead skin, if you use makeup or tropical oil a lot. Bacteria turns blackheads into pimples. Let’s learn more about blackheads and the treatments you can come up with for it at home.

About Blackheads

Blackheads happen when hair follicles are clogged. The dark brown or black surfaces are a kind of acne which appears mostly on the face, but it can also affect several parts of your upper body. Taking out blackheads early on can help protect against acne.

Blackheads start to form when something clogs the opening of the hair follicles. A follicle contains a single hair. The sebum produced by the sebaceous gland is responsible for soft skin. Dead skin and sebum produce a bump. This bump is called comedone. If the bump is covered by the skin, it’s called a whitehead.

When the skin covering the bump opens, dirt, bacteria and other things cause it to turn black or dark brown. This is the start of the blackhead. Other factors also raise the possibility of blackheads. Here are some of them.

  • Oily skin
  • Irritated hair follicles
  • Propionic bacterium acne buildup
  • Changes in hormone levels due to adolescence, menstruation, and pregnancy
  • Drugs such as corticosteroids or androgens
  • Birth control pills

Here are some home remedies to eliminate blackheads

  1. Egg White

It’s easy to make this mask at home. Egg white can help in tightening pores temporarily. This removes the blackheads you have now, and protects your skin against future problems. It doesn’t dry as much and has a lot of important nutrients.

You’ll need to acquire an egg, tissue, a towel, and a bowl.

Break the egg and take out the yolk. Wash your face and pat it dry. Put a tissue over the egg white before pressing the tissue gently on your face.

After the initial layer dries up, repeat the process once or twice more. If the mask dries correctly, you’ll feel your skin tighten. Peel the tissues and rinse your face. Be sure you clean your face well. Dry your face by patting.

You can apply layer as many as five times, just be sure that they’re dry enough for the next layer. It won’t work if the layers are not dry enough.

  1. Milk and Honey

Milk and honey are great for the skin. Honey is antibacterial, while the lactic acid in milk maintains soft skin. They can treat blackheads very quickly.

You need a teaspoon each of milk and raw, organic honey, and clean strip of cotton.

Mix the honey and milk before heating the fixture for five to ten seconds in a microwave. They should form a paste. When the paste cools down enough, apply the mixture on your skin. Place the cotton strip on your skin and wait for the mixture to dry. Peel the strip and wash your face with cold water.

We highly recommend waiting twenty minutes after placing the mixture on your skin.

  1. Cinnamon and Honey

Honey and cinnamon mixture is amazing against blackheads. As mentioned, honey is highly antibacterial, while cinnamon is great for blood circulation in the skin. Mixing them can eliminate blackheads and acne, while smoothening your skin and making it healthier.

You’ll need a teaspoon each of cinnamon (powdered) and honey (organic), and cotton strips.

Add the cinnamon powder into the honey and mix until they become paste. Apply the mixture on the blackheads before laying a cotton strip on in. Wait three to five minutes before removing the strip and the paste. Properly and gently rinse your face.

We recommend using a moisturizer after rinsing.

  1. Lemon

One of the most effective ways of quickly eliminating blackheads is by using lemons. Lemon juice is an astringent that shrinks the pores of the skin which does the job.

You’ll need a lemon, a bottle and some cotton balls.

First, wash your face before patting it dry. Get the lemon and squeeze the juice into the bottle. Dampen a cotton ball with the lemon juice and rub it on the blackheads before you sleep at night. When you wake up the next morning, wash your face and moisturize. The lemon juice can be stored in your fridge for a week.

It’s important to note though that lemon juice could cause your skin to be sensitive to sunlight. Use sunscreen. Also consider diluting the lemon juice using water.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is excellent against blackheads. The granules can take away the things that clog your pores.

Aside from baking soda, you’ll need fresh water.

When mixing baking soda and water, the paste should be thick and spreadable. Rub the mixture on your skin in small circles. Wash well with cold water before patting dry. Moisturize after.

Don’t overdo it. The high level of pH in baking soda can dry out your skin.

  1. Lemon and Cinnamon

You can combine these two to create a mask that can eliminate blackheads.

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Get three teaspoons worth of lemon juice and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. If you want, you can also mix in a teaspoon of turmeric (powdered), but turmeric isn’t required.

Mix the ingredients well and use it to clean your face. Put it on your blackheads and leave the mixture overnight. Rinse when you wake up. Do this for seven days.

If you have acne or other problems with your skin, you can rinse your face thirty minutes after applying the mask.

  1. Yoghurt and Oatmeal

The mixture of plain yoghurt and oatmeal provides great protection against pimples or blackheads. Using the mask can lead to wondrous results.

Mix three tablespoons worth of plain yoghurt and two tablespoons worth of oats. You can also opt to add a tablespoon or two of lemon juice. Put the mask on areas with blackheads and wait for a few minutes. Rinse with cold water after.

  1. Tomato

You’ll need to mash a tomato with a fork. Rub it on your blackheads for two minutes. Rinse the area after fifteen minutes.

Add extra virgin olive oil with the tomato if you have dry skin. This oil softens the skin. But if your skin is oily, don’t use olive oil. It may only make things worse and lead to acne.

  1. Olive Oil and Sugar

You’ll need a teaspoon’s worth each of sugar and olive oil. Mix them and apply to the area with blackheads. Rub the mixture on the area for a minute before rinsing.

If you have acne however, you no longer need to rub the skin. You may also opt to mix in a bit of lemon juice.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea has an abundance of antioxidants. It takes away oil and skin irritation, while providing protection for the skin.

You’ll need a saucepan, a glass, a towel, facial wash, cotton balls and two bags of green tea.

Fill the saucepan with a mug of water. Boil it and put the green tea bags in the water, allowing it to steep for thirty minutes. You can then put this mixture in a different glass. Put the green tea in the fridge and let it cool for an hour. Wash your face with a baby cleanser or gentle face wash. Wash then with water and dry your face by patting with a soft towel. Get a cotton ball and dampen it with the cold green tea. Rub the cotton ball on your blackheads. Let it stay on you for fifteen minutes before rinsing with cold water. Wait for it to dry completely before putting moisturizer or skin cream on the skin. Do this for seven days.

Green tea is also helpful against acne. Do the same as we did above, but you will probably need to do it for a month-and-a-half, and you need to apply the mixture once daily, at the very least. Drinking green tea is also a good way to keep yourself and your skin healthy.

  1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste dries out on the skin and help pull out the dirt and oil when it solidifies. It can also help against clogged pores and blackheads.

Clean your face well with a soft facial cleanser. Rub the area for a minute before washing with warm water. Apply a small amount of white minty (not gel) toothpaste on the affected areas. It may take around two minutes to dry. The oil will dry out because of this and any swelling caused by acne will be reduced. Rub gently in small circles. The blackheads will eventually be caught by the toothpaste and be taken out. Rinse with warm water once you’re done.

  1. Salt and Toothpaste

Salt and toothpaste eliminates blackheads in the shortest amount of time.

Wash your face with gentle facial wash. Mix a teaspoon of salt with a small amount of toothpaste, and put it on the blackheads. Massage the area for a minute then rinse with warm water.

Don’t allow the skin to dry before you apply this paste. Don’t use sea salt. Use it sparingly because toothpaste can be hard on the skin.

  1. Rosewater and Oatmeal

You’ll need some oatmeal and around three tablespoon’s worth of rosewater. Create thick pasty mixture and apply it to the part of your skin with blackheads. Wait thirty minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Just remember not to let this paste stay on your skin for over one hour.

  1. Milk and Lemon

This remedy is relatively unknown when it comes to eliminating blackheads, but it is helpful in giving you long term results.

Mix four teaspoons of lemon juice and two tablespoons of milk well. Leave this solution on your blackheads for half-an-hour before rinsing with warm water. Do this every day.

You can use rosewater instead of milk. The results will be the same.

  1. Mint and Turmeric

Mint and turmeric also helps you get long term results against blackheads.

You’ll need three teaspoons of mint (juice) and two teaspoons of turmeric. Rub this mixture on the area with blackheads. Wait ten minutes before rinsing.

Turmeric also fights skin infections and, keep your skin glowing.

Final note: These are all great ways to eliminate blackheads. Don’t try them all though. Choose one that works and stick with it.

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