Fat Burning Dumbbell Exercises

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Fat Burning Dumbbell ExercisesHealth and fitness is one of the key areas of focus of most people in today’s generation. Many people go to the gym to workout and exercise while some people arrange their current diet and turn it to a healthy one.

For most people who go to the gym, flabby arms are counted as reasons why they workout. Some people want to get rid of fat in the arms, thighs, and abdominal area, for a more fit and defined physique. While barbells and caardio exercises aid in the reduction of one’s body fat percentage, using a pair of dumbbells also helps get rid of fat in the arms. iBodyfit founder and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Franklin Antoian, told Muscle and Fitness that one had to stay consistent with his rep speed and aim to complete about 20 reps for all exercises to burn fat. He also mentioned that moves should be done with high intensity to have a full-body workout that took around 20 to 30 minutes to finish.

According to Built Lean, strength circuits can be done to burn fat in the arm area. The publication mentioned the so-called “dumbell complex,” which is defined as a type of strength circuit that utilizes 2 or more exercises with a dumbell. The exercise is done back to back without rest and without the dumbell touching the ground. The routine can also be done as the main workout, or just within a workout. As an advanced form of workout, dumbbell complexes are not recommended by beginners. However, it has a number of benefits, such as a boost to the cardiovascular capacity without doing cardio, an increase in muscular endurance, burning of calories, and a 10 to 15-minute full body workout.

A pair of ripped arms is one of the bragging assets of men, since muscular arms boost their masculinity and self-confidence. For men, fat in the arms can be burnt while building muscle using a 30-minute workout. According to Men’s Fitness, the 30-minute workout is done with a pair of dumbbells, a bench, and one’s body weight. It is believed that this technique is the formula for building muscle and burning fat the the same time and even people in their 60s can do the routine. It involves a total body warm-up, along with routines like prisoner squats, elevated pushups, prisoner reverse lunges, resistance training, split squats, dumbbell chest press, pullups, kettlebell front suats, inclide pressers, and total workout finisher.

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Women also have their set of circuit to be done to get rid of fat and achieve slender and toned arms. According to Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine, reverse laterals is one of the dumbbell exercises who want to burn fat, build muscle, and get lean. With weight in hands, a lateral step is taken, which is followed by a reverse lunge, which lengthens the spine. The person pauses in lunge position, raises the same arm as outside leg to press weight above the head, and then lowers. The technique is performed on the other side. Performed in three sets of 12 to 15 repetions (with 30 seconds recovery between sets), reverse laterals target the deltoids, hamstring, soleus, adductor muscles, glutes, and quadricep muscles.

Working out the arms involves performing routines that stimulate the biceps and the triceps. In fact, the triceps should also be targeted in balance with the biceps for a proportional look for one’s arms. One exercise is the tricep lift. According to Shape, this is done by grabbing a dumbbell with the right hand and standing in a split stance with the left foot forward. The left knee is bent, along with the lower torso, until they become parallel to the ground. The back leg is kept straight with the shoulders facing forward.

Along with these tips on burning fat using dumbbell exercises, oen can reach his dream physique when exercise is coupled with proper nutrition and adequate rest and sleep.

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