exercises-bone-healthExercise plays a huge role when it comes to bone health particularly in those with osteoporosis as it can increase bone density and muscle strength so there will be less chances of getting injured from falling or tripping. However, there are specific types of workout that will work best to strengthen bones which is why, if you can, you should do both weight bearing and muscle strengthening exercises.

For those who are wondering which exercises can help improve bone health, here are some exercises that will be good for you.

  1. Biceps curl. For this weight bearing exercise, you will need to stand straight with your feet at hip-width apart. Your arms should be at your sides with hands holding a dumbbell each and your palms facing away from your body. Bend your elbows to raise the weights toward your chest then slowly lower them to start the exercise. This counts as one rep. Repeat this exercise 10 to 12 times.
  2. Dancing. Dancing is an all-around workout where your pulse increases, your balance is tested, and your muscles and bones become stronger. Another plus to dancing is that because you need to learn the steps, your brain will also get exercised. And the best part is that you get to enjoy yourself and even make new friends.
  3. Romanian dead lift. For those with a mild case of osteoporosis, make sure that you follow proper form for this exercise to avoid injuries. You will need to stand straight and your knees bent slightly while holding dumbells. While keeping your back straight, engage your core muscles while bending from the waist to lower the weights toward your shin. Squeeze your glutes as you push yourself back to your first position. Repeat this exercise 10 to 12 times.
  4. Brisk walking. Another exercise that can do wonders for your bones is brisk walking. Walking at a fast pace can increase your heart rate which in turn will help your muscles become stronger and your bones denser. If you are worried about tripping because of uneven roads or cracks on the pavement, you can do the same exercise on a treadmill.
  5. Swimming. Low impact exercises like swimming is another plus for those who want to strengthen their bones without putting too much pressure on their joints. Swimming is considered as a full body workout and is suitable for all ages.
  6. Triceps extension. This exercise not only trains the back muscles but can also help tighten skin in this area. Stand straight with your feet at hip-width apart with your hands holding on to a dumbbell which is raised overhead. While maintaining a straight back and your elbows close to your head, bend elbows to lower the dumbbell towards your shoulder blades. Straighten your elbows to go back to your first position and repeat. This should be repeated 10 to 12 times depending on your preferences.