Exercises for Zapping Lower Back Fat

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Exercises for Zapping Lower Back FatHaving lower back fat can keep you from sporting form-fitting clothes or garments that show off your midsection. Well, you can wear them but you will surely get giggles behind your back rather than flattering remarks or stares. The combination of proper eating habits and regular exercise can melt your lower back fat.

Speaking of exercise, there are some routines that you may incorporate into your daily cardio that lasts for at least 30 minutes. Performing them allows you to tone the muscles in your lower back, firming up the area while those unwanted and most definitely unflattering bulges gradually go away. Here they are:


You need to lie down flat on your back to carry out this effective exercise for the lower back. Bend your knees and plant both your feet on the floor. Lift your behind so that your spine makes a straight line. Stay in this position for about 10 to 15 seconds, and then slowly take your behind back to the starting position. Do about 10 to 20 bridges each time.

Leg Extensions

Being on all fours is what you need to do to complete this lower back fat-zapping routine. Once in position, all you have to do is lift and straighten your left leg all the way behind you. Maintain such position for about 10 seconds and take back your left leg to the starting position. Do the same on your other leg. Both legs should be worked out 10 times.


The name of this particular exercise is obtained from the letters or shapes that your body needs to be in throughout the routine. In order to get started, lie on your stomach on the floor with your toes touching the floor. Slightly lift your chest off the floor. Move your arms to your side to do a T position. Hold for about a second then take your arms closer to your head to do a Y position. Take your arms above your head to assume the I position. Do everything 6 to 8 times.

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Push Ups

Don’t think that doing push ups will only get your chest toned. The fact is push ups are also very good for your entire back, so it makes perfect sense that they should be incorporated into your exercise routine. Here’s a trick to make sure that your back muscles get engaged: when you are at the bottom, hold the position for 3 seconds before pushing yourself back up.

Jumping Rope

What’s so nice about jumping rope is it’s an excellent cardio exercise, thus allowing you to blast fat all over the body. While its true that jumping rope may seem like it’s working only your shoulders, do take note that your shoulders are actually connected to your back muscles, making jumping rope an excellent exercise for the entire back.


For this exercise, you need to grab a couple of dumbbells. Stand up with your legs about shoulder width apart. Bend forward at around 45 degrees, allowing your arms to dangle. Once in position, bend your elbows and bring your arms up until your upper arms are parallel with your shoulders while your forearms are pointed down. Take your arms back to the starting position. Do a pair of sets, each one composed of 12 to 16 repetitions.

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