Enormous Power of Potatoes in Fighting Diseases

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Potatoes are probably most common as a solid food that is seen as part of home cooking or fast foods. You can either bake, fry, mash, or simply add it as part of any recipe possible. However you cook it, you will still have a solid food that is both tasty and healthful as well. It is not until recently, however, that essentially “eating” potatoes is possible in its liquid form, that is, its juice. This particular juice, however, is not to be mistaken with vodka as a beverage drink traditionally made by distilling fermented potatoes.

From the Experts’ Point-of-View

In fact, potato juice is worthy of a study for its nutrients it was written about by distinguished medicinal plant experts, John Lesinger and Jovan Tucakov. Lesinger, for example, believes that potato juice is a natural remedy for the treatment of gastritis which, up until now, is a common disease. When treating gastritis, he suggests taking 1 tbsp. of potato juice with some water 30 minutes before meals. As for the treatment of stomach and duodenum ulcers, Lesinger suggests a daily half deciliter potato juice fasting followed by another, 30 minutes before meals.

On the other hand, Dr. John Tuckakov has a different insight with regards to the beneficial effect of potato juice. His focus was on lowering the glucose level of our body and the treatment of respiratory diseases, including severe diseases such as emphysema.

Another interesting accounts of potato juice can be found on the book “The Road to a Healthy Life: Cancer is Nothing to Fear.” Written by Tomizawa, a Buddhist monk, he argues that drinking two deciliter of potato juice everyday can help cure cancer and other serious diseases. From a scientific standpoint, Professor Kagamine of Medicine University of Akita (Japan) managed to support this claim based on his experiments. The experiment showed that an extract from raw potato is effective in suppressing growth of tumor cells in laboratory mice. Publishing the results of this research is International Congress of the League Against Cancer which was held in Germany. The famous Breuss cancer therapy even now incorporated the use of potato juice for its method.

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Apart from what were already mentioned, the use of potato juice is also gaining ground in the fight against many other diseases. Diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, lumbago, rheumatism, and general diseases on the liver, kidney, and heart. Notwithstanding, drinking of raw potato juice can also help strengthen the immune system. There are virtually many health benefits coming from potato juice that are yet to be conclusive. Until then, it is worth noting of the ones listed from here.

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