Enjoy Lovelier Cheekbones with These Simple Exercises

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A lot of women dream of having slim faces with high cheekbones. Most of the time, they have to make do with what their parents gave them. Fortunately, the bone structure is not the only factor that determines the shape of your face. Both your muscles and fat under the skin are contributors too.

So if you are dreaming of having killer cheekbones but do not really want to undergo any painful, risky and expensive plastic surgery, continue reading. The following are some facial exercises that can help in giving you more noticeable and lovelier cheekbones. Don’t expect dramatic and overnight changes, though. The secret is having patience and perseverance to enhance what you have. Always remember that everyone is beautiful!

Open and Tilt Back

Doing this exercise on a regular basis helps shrink your cheeks, causing those cheekbones to take the spotlight. Get started by opening your mouth as widely as you can. While holding it, tilt your head as far back as you can. Once in the right position, close your mouth. Take your head back to the starting position. Do everything for 8 to 12 times.

Puff Like a Puffer Fish

Here’s another cheekbone exercise that works. To get started, inhale through your mouth and press your lips together. Drive the air trapped in your mouth to one side, causing the cheek on that side to puff up. Afterwards, puff up the other side. Do this repeatedly until you feel like you cannot hold your breath any longer. Exhale through your mouth. Smile! You’re one step closer to having magnificent cheekbones.

Smile Like a Fish

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Suck in your cheeks and press your lips together very tightly, making you look just like a fish. While maintaining that face, try to put on a smile. Do your best to succeed for 6 to 8 seconds. It’s going to be extremely hard and virtually impossible, but that’s what makes this exercise work wonderfully. Doing this on a regular basis will help slim down your cheeks, making your cheekbones pop out!

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Fake a Big Smile

If laughter is the best medicine, doing a big smile is the most effective way to enjoy lovelier cheekbones. All you have to do is make the biggest smile you possibly can. Make sure that you widen your eyes too in order to really target the muscles over your cheekbones. Hold it for about 10 seconds, and then relax. Do everything 10 times. By the way, make sure that no one is around when you plan on doing this exercise.

Push Your Cheeks Up

This exercise may seem like it’s not doing anything until you actually go back to the starting position. Place 3 of your fingertips on your cheeks just where they fold when you smile. Push up those muscles as you continue to smile, and hold for half a minute, then release. Do you feel that tension? It’s a sign that the exercise is targeting the muscles sitting over your cheekbones. This also helps zap fat in the cheeks.

Buzz Like a Bumblebee

Gently press your lips together and inhale through your nose. Make sure that you fill up your lungs with air. Slowly exhale through your nose while making a buzzing sound. Also, do some chewing action with your jaw. Performing all of this simultaneously helps shrink your cheeks to highlight your cheekbones. Do everything 4 to 5 times.

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