Eat This Food for Longer Life!

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This is good news for spicy lovers out there. A recent research have confirmed that individuals who consumed spicy foods, like chili peppers everyday reduce their mortality risk by 14%. That is compared to those people who skip the spicy stuff. Even if you eat spicy food only once or twice per week, your risk of death still is still reduce by 10%.

Eat This Food for Longer Life!
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The study was based on the diet data from approximately half a million adults spread across China, defined “spicy” foods as those that contains chili oil, chili peppers or other hot pepper derived food ingredients. But it was stated that other spices may also be beneficial.

The researchers further state. that people who consume hot peppers also tend to use spices such as cumin, black pepper and paprika in their cooking. The spices mentioned provide their own health benefits, which account for some of the study’s observed health perks.

Another study conducted by Purdue University showed that spicy foods can help boost metabolism and control appetite. The preliminary animal research showed that capsaicin, one of the hot compounds in chili, might also activate the body’s healthy brown fat cells, which help burn calories.

Other Health Benefits

Chili peppers do not just provide spicy stuff to your meals. Spices and their bio-active ingredients, such as capsaicin, may have other beneficial antioxidant, anti-obesity, anti-inflammation, anti-hypertensive and anticancer effects.

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All these “anti’s” mentioned above, may protect you from heart disease, respiratory diseases and cancer. Also spicy food compounds may also change the gut microbiome in health-promoting ways.

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Start adding spicy foods or spices by adding more of it into your daily meals. Also, you can try to eat the freshest spices possible; such as fresh chili peppers can offer more disease protection compared to dried chili peppers, chili sauce or chili oil.

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