Dumbbell Exercises for the Triceps

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Dumbbell Exercises for the TricepsAlong with the biceps, the triceps also form the other portion of the arms. Their power allows a person to reach for something and hold it, in addition to several other movements. The triceps also contribute to the size of one’s arms and his overall physique, in addition to the biceps, chest, shoulders, back, and legs.

The triceps can be trained with the use of barbells, EZ bars, and cables; however, some prefer using dumbbells to optimize triceps development, as they are more portable and they permit wider range of motion. The following are some dumbbell exercises for the triceps.

One -Arm Triceps Extension

One dumbbell exercise for the triceps is the one-arm triceps extension, which a basic isolated pushing exercise. According to Ex Rx, it mainly targets the triceps brachii, along with stabilizers like the wrist extensors and flexor carpi ulnaris.

As per the publication, the person sits on a seat with back support just below shoulder height and grabs a dumbbell. Then, he positions the resistance over his head, with arm either straight up or slightly back. After that, he lowers the dumbbell behind his neck or shoulder while maintaining the upper arms stationary throughout the movement. Finally, he extends his arm until straight. The exercise is done for the recommended number of repetitions.

Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension

The lying dumbbell triceps extension is an isolation pushing exercise for the triceps.

According to Body Building, the exercise is done by lying on a flat bench with the person holding two dumbbells directly in front of him. His arms should be completely extended at a right angle from the torso and from the floor. Once ready, the person inhales and lowers the dumbbell until it is near the ear. The upper arms should not move and the elbows should be in during the movement. Then, the person exhales as he brings the weight back to the starting position with the triceps, still with the upper arms and elbows stationary. The exercise is done for the recommended number of repetitions.

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Seated Triceps Extension

Also called the seated triceps press, the seated triceps extension is an isolation pushing exercise that boosts the strength of the triceps.

As per Body Building, the person sits down on a bench with back support and grabs a dumbbell with both hands and holds it overhead at arm’s length. It is a good practice to have another person hand the dumbbell over, especially if it is heavy. Also, the dumbbell should be resting in the palms of the hands with the thumbs wrapped around it. Moreover, the palm of the hand should be facing inward for the starting position. Once ready, the person inhales as he lowers the dumbbell in a semi-circular movement behind his head, until the forearms touch the biceps. The upper arms should be kept near the head during the movement and they should be stationary. Then, the person exhales uses his triceps to raise the dumbbell as he returns to the initial position. The exercise is done for the recommended number of repetitions.

Triceps Kickback

Another dumbbell exercise for the triceps is the kickback. According to Dumbbell Exercises, the person places his knee and hand on a bench and grabs a dumbbell with his other hand, with the palm facing the body and the upper arm parallel to the body. Then, he pushes the dumbbell back by extending his elbow and allows it to slowly return following a brief pause. It is a good practice to keep the upper arm unmoved throughout the movement.

Overall, the triceps enable a person to do various movements to accomplish certain tasks and do his activities of daily living. In order to achieve this, maximum triceps development can be reached through regular training, proper nutrition, and adequate rest.

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